Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Quidditch Ideas - Who?

Good morning, Gryffindor!  Wow, it's been too long, hasn't it?  I hope your week and month are going well!  I wanted to share some nice patterns, and give you ideas of what to make and where to send.  This is the first in a series of posts.  :D

First, WHO can you give to?  Any local charity is good, or perhaps your local hospital, homeless shelter, old folks home, church, or even Goodwill!  ;P  Other ideas include:

My charity of choice is Operation Christmas Child.  My church runs an AWANA program, and every fall we host a regional shoebox drive!  It's incredible to watch, but I am usually scrambling to participate!  This year, I intend to be ready when shoebox time comes around!  ;)

Next post, I'll be listing some handy (and free!) patterns you can use.

Roar, Gryffindor!

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