Saturday, October 31, 2009

Hey its Halloween!

Hey all Gryffs! Its Halloween! What are your Halloween plans?


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Hello Gryffs!

Well, for a bit of gossip. I went to Santa Cruz this weekend. I yarnstormed. I got Charms done, and I started my OWL. And I studied for a Bio test. And that was it. How is everyone doing with classes? Need any help? PM me or comment below - I am here to help! Go Gryffs!


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Divination Pattern Suggestions

Knit, spin, or crochet something inspired by one of the 12 zodiac signs (does not have to be your own.)

For baby:
Zodiac (Knit) - a cute little sleep sack with the new little astrologer's symbol on it!

If you search for Zodiac, there's a whole set of knit zodiac dishcloths.

If you check out Crochet Kitten, there is a whole set of zodiac themed kitties to crochet!

Sagittarius: Sagittaria shawl (knit)
Scorpio: Scorpion (knit)
Aries: Carrick the Ram (knit)
Leo: Lion Baby Bath Wrap (crochet)
Leo the Lion (crochet)
King of the Beasts Lion Dog Sweater (knit)
Gryffindor Fair Isle Bag (knit) by Gryffindor's own Quietish!!
Cancer: The Deadliest Crab (Knit)
Mini Crabs (crochet)
Horseshoe Crab Socks (knit)
Pisces: Frida the Fish (knit)
Fish Dishcloth (crochet)
Crochet Counting Fish Toy (crochet)
Gemini: Fred and George Socks (knit) by Gryffindor's own Quietish!!
Twin Leaf Cloth (knit)
Twin Cable Purse (knit)
Twin Baby Hats (knit)
Little Twin Star Ami (crochet)
Baby Frank the Goat (knit)
Goat Scarf (knit)
Lickety Split Socks (looks like goat hooves) (knit) Sorry Capricorn crocheters...I'm still looking!
Falling Water Scarf (knit)
Mesh Water Bottle Carrier (crochet) Hey...the water carrier needs to carry water somehow, right?
Watering Can Dishcloth (knit) ditto on the carrying water
Child's Water Mittens (knit)

More to come!

Transfiguration Pattern Suggestions

Here are some ideas for some Transfiguration patterns:

Adult Sized Pumpkin Hat (Knit)
Baby Pumpkin Hat and Booties (Knit)
Baby Pumpkin Hat (Crochet)
Leaves /Trees/Plants:
Elvish Leaves Dishcloth (Knit)
Column of Leaves Knitted Scarf (Knit)
Falling Leaves Afghan (Crochet)
Cartoon / TV characters / animals:
Any kind of amigurumi for this one! You can search for Pokemon, Hello Kitty, or even cows and get all kinds of ideas!

DADA Pattern Suggestions

Hey everyone.
We have put together a list of suggestions for patterns to knit for DADA, so if you don't really know what to knit, have a look here, maybe you'll like something!

Important: These are only suggestions that haven't been cleared by Professor Scarlettb, make sure you clear it with her before you craft something you're not sure she'll approve.

Something inspired by a deceased historical figure, an undead creature or both.

Historical Figure Inspired:

Saint Nicholas: Santa hat (Knit)
Sir Francis Drake: Pirate can cozy (crochet), Gunner's cap (Knit)
Anna Pavlova: Ballet Bun Cover (Crochet)
Patrick Swayze: Dancing leg warmers! (Knit)
Michael Jackson: Gloves (Crochet)
Jane Austen: Teapot cozy (Knit)
Shakespeare: Midsummernight's Dream Lace Shawl (Knit), Lace Waves Bookmark (Knit), Elegant Pineapple Bookmark (Crochet)
Babe Ruth Baseball Socks (Knit), Baseball cap (Knit), Baseball buddies (Crochet)
Coco Chanel CoCo bag (Crochet)
Einstein Coat (Knit)
Elizabeth Zimmerman (do I really need to elaborate?)
Jacques Cousteau Dead fish hat,
(Note: remember Professor Scarlettb has a fear of fish... so easy with this one!)
John Lennon/ George Harrison Walrus (Knit), Fab Four Tomatoes (Crochet)

Undead creatures:
Ghost dishcloth (Knit)
Genie the ghost (Crochet)
Vampire Love bites Scarf (crochet)
Frankenstein: Dishcloth (Knit), Frankensocks (Knit), Frankie Potholder (Crochet)
Angel Angel Wings Shawl (Knit)

I think you can basically add Frankenstein stitches to any historical figure... as well as angel wings, fangs or a sheet to make them look like a ghost. If you knit a Napoleon Bonaparte in white and grey you could say it's a "Napoleon Zombie"!

Remember that if you make the professor laugh and/ or knit in house colors, that gives you extra points!

Let your imagination run wild!!!! Have fun!

If you have any other suggestions, leave a comment and I'll make sure to include it!

October Classes

Make something with 2 functions, something reversible, a set, something composed of 2 pieces, 2 skeins that complement each other.
*Bonus points: Originality, good story, house colors.

Reducto/ Engorgio
Create 2 objects: 1 big, 1 small.
*Bonus Points: Not specified, but be inventive and no spiders!

Defense Againste the Dark Arts (DADA)
Make something inspired by a deceased historical figure, an undead creature or both.
*Bonus Points: House colors and making the teacher laugh.

Knit, spin, or crochet something inspired by at least one of the twelve astrological signs.
*Bonus Points: Go crazy, make big stuff, complicated projects, read your horoscope and relate it to your life, handspun projects.

Identify a garden pest, demonstrate a way to prevent pests, or aid you in getting rid of said pests. Your post should contain what pest/helper you’re after, why it’s a pest/helper and why your project relates to it.
* Bonus points not specified.

Take a knitting pattern and convert it to crochet, or vice versa. Take an object or image from real life and Transfigure it with fiber. Knit or crochet a model of your Animagus. *Bonus points: Good presentation, story, House Colors and ambitious projects.

September News

The term already started and the month of September went by so fast.

To summarize:
Gryffindor is the lowest on points. But that has happened to winning houses in past terms, so we can still do it!

Due to real life issues, our dear Sparksearcher had to step down as Head of House.
Angiejude (that's me, dears) volunteered for the job and now Gryffindor has a new Head of House.
Sparksearcher will still be around enjoying life next to the very famous MH, knitting and driving around.

hermionejean won the Roaring Lion Award for September, taking home with her a set of 5 Gryffindor stitch markers! It was a close call, with Mauri stepping on her heels. Finally, with the Transfiguration bonus points, hermionejean managed a total of 133 points for Gryffindor!

There were 5 Gryffindor students nominated for prizes at the prize thread by their teachers.
trainergirl15 was the lucky winner in DADA. Congratulations!