Wednesday, October 7, 2009

DADA Pattern Suggestions

Hey everyone.
We have put together a list of suggestions for patterns to knit for DADA, so if you don't really know what to knit, have a look here, maybe you'll like something!

Important: These are only suggestions that haven't been cleared by Professor Scarlettb, make sure you clear it with her before you craft something you're not sure she'll approve.

Something inspired by a deceased historical figure, an undead creature or both.

Historical Figure Inspired:

Saint Nicholas: Santa hat (Knit)
Sir Francis Drake: Pirate can cozy (crochet), Gunner's cap (Knit)
Anna Pavlova: Ballet Bun Cover (Crochet)
Patrick Swayze: Dancing leg warmers! (Knit)
Michael Jackson: Gloves (Crochet)
Jane Austen: Teapot cozy (Knit)
Shakespeare: Midsummernight's Dream Lace Shawl (Knit), Lace Waves Bookmark (Knit), Elegant Pineapple Bookmark (Crochet)
Babe Ruth Baseball Socks (Knit), Baseball cap (Knit), Baseball buddies (Crochet)
Coco Chanel CoCo bag (Crochet)
Einstein Coat (Knit)
Elizabeth Zimmerman (do I really need to elaborate?)
Jacques Cousteau Dead fish hat,
(Note: remember Professor Scarlettb has a fear of fish... so easy with this one!)
John Lennon/ George Harrison Walrus (Knit), Fab Four Tomatoes (Crochet)

Undead creatures:
Ghost dishcloth (Knit)
Genie the ghost (Crochet)
Vampire Love bites Scarf (crochet)
Frankenstein: Dishcloth (Knit), Frankensocks (Knit), Frankie Potholder (Crochet)
Angel Angel Wings Shawl (Knit)

I think you can basically add Frankenstein stitches to any historical figure... as well as angel wings, fangs or a sheet to make them look like a ghost. If you knit a Napoleon Bonaparte in white and grey you could say it's a "Napoleon Zombie"!

Remember that if you make the professor laugh and/ or knit in house colors, that gives you extra points!

Let your imagination run wild!!!! Have fun!

If you have any other suggestions, leave a comment and I'll make sure to include it!

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