Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Fly Like It's Quidditch!

Good morning, lads and lassies! Let's see what's what with our Quidditch report, shall we?

First, we have our Keeper, Beaters, and Seeker! Our keeper is Covington, our Beaters are StarKnits and ZTAgirlknits, and our Seeker is Aikaterini.  Thanks, all y'all!  :D

Next, we still need a B1 student for the Hat Challenge Team.  We do have two alternates, and one student from every other year!

We also have 7 students for the Crochet Sock Challenge, and 1 alternate.  Somehow I found myself volunteering to be one of the Crochet Sock participants!  Not sure how that happened, but I am delightfully excited!

We still need your help!  Go vote for the Gryffindor Quidditch Robes you like best!  And sign up for the International Date Line Challenge!  (I might just sit this one out.  ;P)

There have been quite a few Quidditch goals scored by now, but only one for Gryffindor!

Covington has announced a Gryffindor 5K Challenge!

As always, check out the Lion Pride Quidditch thread and the main Quidditch thread for more info!

This is Quidditch Reporter FlyKytten, signing off!

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