Thursday, May 6, 2010

Even Chat Can't Slow Us Down! pgs 98-124

CherrySprinkle shared with us an awesome FO of her's and also a list of her projected projects. (I'm thinking I should do something similar.) She also shared a WIP with a great flower! FantasyFlyte's phone works!!  NaturallyKnitty is making margaritas and inviting caffeinatedkatie over (they live in the same town and are BFFs).
Vertigoo1414 cast on some french press slippers and thinks the size 15 needles are a little weird.
Gerard! and it's always hard to follow that with any coherent thought....ummm... oh yes. recap. well we talked about the size of our queues and needle sizes and about OWL approvals and just life in general. (comparison photo courtesy of lisakbye)
Lisakbye came up with a new spell we must all try and learn! She also shared a photo of a felted scarf! TheKnittedJuggler shared an amazing photo. you must go and look! She also needs some help. CrochetbyClare is free!
Yarn therapy for FF! She also found a great deal and lovely knitting and some unventing! Chat started but we kept on talking. We all started brainstorming for Jedimeg's new t-shirt venture.
Noonee's got a crazy charted OWL go give her love and support she an totally do it!
Both CherrySprinkle and SavvyKnits  have a project in the prize thread. go vote! Derricksdoll shared a photo of her luscious yarn and her birdies. we had some sad talk about loosing pets but then we started sharing the good memories and photos of our loved furbabies! AmyPC found a turtle and is totally attached already!
Note this: if you work with Stacylovesyarn please stop eating her cream cheese!
Frick WON! take that you quilted jacket lady!  We all love angiejude's pug, I think it's b/c she's so darn cute and lets her take photos with props and hats and fun stuff! Needlesnswiffers found some soot sprites and set some traps so watch where you're walking.

OK so we're caught up for now! until next time (like tomorrow probably)

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