Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Last-Minute Class Ideas: Squares!

There are just a few days left in June, which means just a few more days to turn in a class project! Thankfully, there are plenty of places to turn in a quick square - perfect to donate to charity, and the perfect way to earn an extra 15 points for Gryffindor!

Potions - what would you do with your perfect day? Maybe you'd snuggle under a blanket (where this square features prominently), or maybe you'd spend your day snuggling babies (wrapped tight in a blanket made from this square and others)?

Charms - "Fight ugliness. Celebrate beauty. Make an item that makes someone look good. You define what “looks good” is but it must be for a human being." I'm pretty sure a blanket that uses the gorgeous square you've just worked up would definitely make someone look good!

History Of Magic - Squares actually fit into two of the options for this class! Under option 1, you can make a square in colors that remind you of Damara's robes, full of blues and silvers and greys. For option 2, your blanket square could be added to either a blanket for the coming baby, or for the mother herself!

Divination - another very open prompt! You can "craft the flame" for option 1 by either making your square in the colors of flame, or knitting/crocheting a flame into the square. Or maybe you saw a symbol in the flame (option 3) that you can represent on your square?

Herbology - for option 2, wouldn't a nice squishy square cushion a pot quite nicely?

Care Of Magical Creatures - Craft something that reminds you of the Ashwinder. Maybe your square is green and grey/silver to remind you of the serpent's colors? Maybe your square protects from heat/fire? Or maybe your square has the Ashwinder herself knitted/crocheted into the square's pattern?

Transfiguration - craft your animagus. This is the perfect time to whip up an intarsia square with an owl or dog in it!
DADA - study the boggart. Maybe you believe the boggart's natural form is just a flat square? Or maybe your square is so funny and happy that it will help defeat the boggart?

Remember -- story is key here! These are ideas, so you must take them and shape them and make them your own! Roar Gryffindor!

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