Sunday, June 27, 2010

This Humidity SUCKS! pgs 393 - 431

And we're back for another CRR.

CS shared her beautiful HOM homework. if you're looking for some good reading OKC suggests the Sookie Stachouse novels and I agree! Lisakbye showed us her haul from the black sheep gathering. we're all jealous!
Jajigirls is showing and telling of her fun. Krazyquilts finishes AR. it's beautiful. Mindysue is making us laugh.So is vanessaamn. Jedimeg and Ian are well on their way out of the hospital! CS is looking for some advice.why not go help her out? Savvyknits showed us her buttons. CS you're killing me. I sooooooooo need a carder now.. sigh my DH is going to kill me. FantasyFlyte's one amazing drop spinner. that's her first try!  Jajigirl's KIP and catching the show. there's been a lot of cake flying around the CR. Chris01 shared her vacation with us. Derricksdoll shared her awesome wedding cake. and now i want cake! and another gryffie is spinning! KrazyQuilts listed some good things about fingerless gloves. and so did Alexist.and Slmoses chimed in also. CS is sharing some amazing photography props she's knitting. Darahmartin shared some jewelry she made. beautiful isn't it? Naturallyknitty needs your love. Annamarya says there's quite a few of us who's already turned in 6 classes. Check out the lucius doll.  OKC applied for a job and finished her AR. Noonee's dragon progress is looking great! She needed some help fitting a class in but I think it was taken care of. Baby Jedi and family!!!!! is the CRR all about CS and her awesome projects? no not really, she just shares lots of photos. and I love photos! Oh My Goodness did you see Straayerliz's baby? he's so cute. autumnleaf77 finished some cute hamsterbeans.  Hermionejean has some great dragons finished! trainergirl15 did a marathon and bought a beautiful skein of yarn! CS's photography is amazing! OH look prizes!
more cute babies! and Frick got some beautiful roving to spin. Darahmartin will be getting a kitty soon. and Gryffindor is proud to produce another spinner!

and that should catch you up for the most part. Until next time! keep posting those photos and interesting stories. 

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