Saturday, July 3, 2010

Independence day..... pgs 432 -471

With the end of the month and the beginning of the new month we had a lot of action in the CR. I'm going to try and sum it up for you!
The NQFY shared some FO's they are amazing. Straayerliz finished her OWL and it's a PATTERN free for download! go check it out. Frick shared a link that is now my desktop background. thank you very much! Derricksdoll needs some help with her etsy store. The new DH trailer is out.. Naturallyknitty linked us to one. Frick has shared some amazing homework projects. Krystina1207 brought the HP Trailer to the CR for us.
Vertigo1414 brought Gerard! that is one HOT photo! (which you should know that I'm watching law abiding citizen right now)
CS is sharing some awesome spinning videos. if you're thinking about spinning these are good places to start! Krystina1207 showed us her very functional homework project. There was a badger invasion. CS is 50% on her OWL. PennyIA is trying to tell herself she doesn't want to spin.. How's that working for you? CS got her new drum carder. and I'm so jealous!
Then the parade of Hotties started.  we like 'em HOT! click each link for a different photo. (my fave are the ones OKC shared)  SapphireRuby shared her gryffie socks with us. TKJ is going to get one awesome drop spindle! FantasyFlyte is sharing proof of her spinning. (soon the whole house of gryffindor will be spinners)
Annamyra is sharing some stats and updates. Derricksdoll shared some great wrist warmers and a great photo. Lupingirl is asking your opinion on our July house project. Binkette55 is getting a new wheel. it's the same kind I have and I love it! Andisocial shared a video for canada day. there were 2 Roaring Lion badges awards! Yay for Woolenhorse and Loveswildflowers, you guys ROAR! The mallet of sanity is still out there people if you need a whack just ask. Angiejude got a raise! Catdragon came over and gave us a lesson in cleaning wool. Colvea came in to the CR to tell us that Dobby socks are a win win in her class. I missed movie night AGAIN! ARUGH!
Lisakbye made an amazing winky which i think i need to make myself a house elf. Krystina1207 finished her DADA owl. it's beautiful! Everyone started posting ideas for the AR letters. I got an N and all I got was noro and I don't particularly care for the yarn so if you have any other "n" ideas please LMK! CS shared a photo of great mittens for but needs to find the pattern. if you can help, please share! Straayerliz finished her HOM. so did Purzleonline. True Blood anyone?
autumnleaf77 finished her OWL too.
and that's a good note to finish on.
The movie is done and I'm going to get to bed.
Have a fantastic 4th of July everyone!

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