Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Playing catch up! pgs 472-506

Hey everyone, sorry I've been so long in giving you another CRR. the Quidditch mega challenge just took it out of me.

Derricksdoll shows us some lovely lovely FO's.  We had a lot of gryffie's nominated for prizes this past month. Straayerliz knit some great snowman mittens. Naturallyknitty shared a test knit vest she made for Clhoe. (isn't my niece so cute?) Spartyliblover finished a great doll she had a good story too! Straayerliz is sharing her cute little baby boy. CS the roving reporter gave us an update on the blog. PennyIA's weekly progress report/plan is putting me to shame. So is straayerliz's. Jaclynbailey is back and with quidditch say hi and maybe she'll stay around! (we miss you!) Lupingirl did a podcast for her class go check it out. Amypc did some research for us N runes. thank you so much! so did Mindysue! Covington finished some quidditch things.  Straayerliz is watching The princess bride and shared her progress on her shawl. Mauri's creatively helping out! Jajigirl is back from her vacation. Lupingirl made an announcement. please go read. ROAR! Covington is asking for some help. Stacylovesyarn is sharing her monthly plan! Autumnleaf77 needs help to decide what to do. TKJ is going to camp... we'll miss her! Darahmartin- I love the CR too! Mauri shares how the world is so freakin small! Congrats Fantasyflyte!!!! Galena shared with us  a great knitting comic. go check it out. NaturallyKnitty finished one of her OWLs. it's awesome! I have to share my 10 year old Daughter is knitting a sock!  Lisakbye got some beautiful yarn in the mail! Straayerliz got her beautiful new wheel! more progress updates! CS is checking in from her vacation. Andisocial shared an AWESOME cartoon and her totally cool new tat. Gerard is visiting for vertigo1414's birthday. and more Gerard. (you may want to immerse yourself in the CR today)

and that should catch you up! Don't forget about our House Unity Project for July!

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