Monday, July 5, 2010

Roving Reporting!

StarKnits has done such a fabulous job with the common room recaps I didn't think I actually needed to update you all with some of the spinning reporting.. but as I am going away and since I cannot take you all with me.. I figured we needed one monster post we could refer everyone to! So with that.. lets begin!

Everyone knows that I am a huge Kromski lover and since I own two and have sung their praises high and convinced quite a few other Gryffindor's to buy them.. I am often asked do I ever dream about owning another wheel? The answer to that is this -- I do dream of owning a triple flier castle style wheel.. but they are a little out of my curent budget and I don't know that I would actually be able to spin on them or if I would be so terrified I would knick the beautiful carvings! Anyway.. here are some photos of my dream wheels. Beautiful aren't they?!

Next, did you know All Spun Up is planning on a huge spin-a-long on July 20th? The listings begin on her etsy shop and you can check out the SAL thread on Ravelry for a preview of the rovings. They will be a silk blend so if you're interested (and chances are you will be!) head over to the thread and give Kristin a shout so she knows how many rovings she will need to dye up.. If you can't make a purchase after you comment, there's no worries.. ASU rovings are always snatched up fast! Many are planing to purchase enough to make a sweater and I am planning on grabbing at least 3 for myself since its such a delicious colorway!

Last but not least.. we get a lot of questions in our common room about spinning.. most of the posts are asking where to start.. so if you've read these posts a million times you can just skip right ahead! Other wise, listen up! You do not need to spend all that extra money on spinning classes.. trust me. I spent all that money on one and learned nothing.. and what's more, everything you will ever need to know about spinning -- we're going to talk about right here!

Spinning 101

The first thing you are going to need is a drop spindle. You don't have to have an expensive one, in fact you can make one yourself right here! If you want to purchase a kit, they have some great ones on etsy. I have used this shop and sent one to derricksdoll from this shop and she has some some beautiful yarn on it!

Once you get your spindle, we should talk a little bit about your fiber options. I like wool top for beginners because its fully combed and very easy to spin and draft from.. roving is also combed but not quite as much as tops are.. the fibers are a little more compact and can require a little more drafting... then there are batts, these are fluffy pillows of fiber that have been put together on a drum carder and often include different fiber blends.. start with anything you like but avoid silks.. try to learn on wool, its just easier for beginners..

Next watch these videos!

Drafting -
Spinning on a Spindle -
Spinning Basics -
Spinning Basics 2 -
Spinning with Batts -

There you go! Everything you will need to get you started on spinning! Watch for my next blog post about what to do with your fibers once you have spun them!

I hope everyone has learned a little something, was enabled a little bit, and now feel encouraged to pick up a spindle and try to make some yarn! I will be on vacation so my posts may be few or far between.. so know that I will miss you all dearly!


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