Tuesday, July 20, 2010

it's about that time. pgs 507-523

I find myself at home alone and the CR needing a recap. so here we go.
Darahmartin is getting a kitty. Straayerliz turned in her pretty shawl.(ya know the one that ALMOST makes me want to knit a shawl) PennyIA finished her dragon. Andisocial finished her first sweater. (i love that pattern it's in my queue) OKC is showing off her fabulous sweater and cute baby. Crochetbyclare has just a few birds. Funny comics. Straayerliz's first yarn on her new wheel! Naturallyknitty is stunning us all with her lovely photos! Lion Cookies. Frick is almost done with her OWL. TKJ is back for a bit and showing us some juggling stuff she bought. (pretty freakin cool if you ask me) Derricksdoll made a beautiful baby blanket! Jajigirl was sewing, and I think she's got me wanting to sew again! NaturallyKnitty went to a fiber fair and took our dad and mom. and then showed us her haul and tons of photos and one from the meet up with Jedimeg and baby Ian! Krazyquilts made some awesome socks. I love the color! Savvyknits got a new kitty. Draco's getting big. Lisakbye is sharing some photos to giggle at.
and that should catch you up!


  1. I just love these... Thanks for all you do♥

  2. Thank you for the catch up! I had fallen behind due to working VBS! You rock!