Thursday, July 29, 2010

only a few days left in this term! pgs 552-578

Like I said before all the chatting is starting it's going to be a little crazy the next few days. Lets jump in.
Right off the bat CS is tempting us with Kromski wheel photos! (sigh) Hottie's juggling. Hottie in the pool. Jedimeg got the surprise blanket we started back when we found out she was pregnant. and she likes it!! YAY!
Darahmartin got her kids into dying! aren't they just cute. Hermionejean finished her OWL. I need to get that pattern b/c those dragons are so cute. Frick's Owl's getting closer! Straayerliz has been busy dying.CS is plotting baby rooms. Lupingirl is knitting knitting knitting! Spartyliblover shared a HILARIOUS video. NaturallyKnitty gave us a lesson in dehairing. Jajigirl spun lace weight for her owl ON A SPINDLE!!!! call me amazed b/c that is what I am! it's so pretty! CS is showing us some beautiful angora. you can just tell how soft it is! NK shared her llama all spun up. Vertigo finished a pretty scarf. I love it. Gerard! CS's dragon is done! I have the pattern I just need to make one! Noonee is trying to decide her next OWL.. go help. and picked a potions owl. can you help her place her scarf in the right class. TWO roaring lion badges went out one to AmyPC and the other to Derricksdoll. Yay you guys ROAR! Mallet of sanity! CS is plotting owls. Ravenclaw's having a reading challenge. CS you're tempting all of us to get a Kromski. the bobbins are beautiful! Darahmartin is a waiting her new wheel and she's ready!

and that should catch you up!
till next time!

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