Monday, July 26, 2010

Crafting into Overtime! pgs 524-551

It's that time of the month when people start crafting overtime. or they're all done and start chatting overtime. Not a problem I'll try and keep you up to date... with that.. lets get going!
Frick plied some yarn (it looks store bought don't you think) Noonee finished her OWL. it's awesome. (did you ever get better photos?) OKC got us all excited with the Sookie Stackhouse yarn she's using. (i totally NEED to buy some) The best one liner ever! and i TOTALLY agree. OKC got to meet Charlaine Harris and I'm all green b/c she's hoping to see her again at comic con! Straayerliz is spinning beautifully! I realize I've been posting a bit in the CR and I just have to share I'm so excited about this. There was a movie night that I missed. but hopefully I'll be able to make it to this week's. NaturallyKnitty's shawl is pretty! Siriusly got her drop spindle. NaturallyKnitty is sharing beautiful photos of roving. Alexist finished her shawl. CS is showing off her carding fun! (i really want a drum carder) she also is showing us photos of them. Covington finished some bookmarks. CS has a WIP that's looking wonderful! and some beautiful roving to card together. I'm loving the sparkely parts. Derricksdoll finished her bookmarks. Lisakbye had a wheel follow her home. Spartyliblover is showing us her lovey yarn haul. Stacylovesyarn and PennyIA had a meetup! OKC had fun hanging out with Seth Green. oh and she got a fair amount done on her shawl. and I know this isn't about me but I need to share the dying I did the other day. it was a TON of fun! Straayerliz did some dying too! CS  is gathering a list of Kromski owners. and sharing the lovely photos of her wheel again! so if you're a gryffie and you have one let her know! or if you're looking for a wheel CS will steer you right!
Ok that should catch you up!

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