Monday, June 7, 2010

I've got the hook up! pgs 293-324

I'm enjoying my vacation with the family and loving the time spent with my sister but I realize I need to not forget my job. I'm going to try and condense this one a bit... and then keep up better after that. I hope you don't mind.
So PennyIA thinks the jelly yarn is kinda scary. what do you think? Derricksdoll found some AWESOME thrift store finds. I can NEVER find such good stuff. never ever. Though I would be happy if the thrift stores out there change that.
CherrySprinkle is sharing some recipes. I fave'd the post so I can find it again.  There was a movie night that I missed b/c we were on our way to WI. Andisocial shared her FO. i like that hat btw. Covington is looking to see if we can have some pride rivalry. Autumnleaf77 started a fun talk about Star Wars with just a small question. you can click the link to read it all by following the posts. PennyIA's son is an honorary Roaring Lion Badge carrier. What a brave guy! Frick flashed some beautiful yarn.
CS pointed out that Dawn dish soap does some good with their income. (i know i'm planning on buying some when i get home) OKC is starting her own little campaign for the oil spill clean up. follow her to see how and what is happening. CS is getting involved, I'm sure you can too! the baby sprinkle quilt top is finished. and i think birds would make it too busy CS. but that is my opinion. and I'll have you know that since I'm away from the sewing machine my sewing bug has not finished, I'm just resisting taking over my mom's sewing machine.....for now...
PennyIA the force is strong with you! I must resist the urge to make one (at least until we have a boy)
Lupingirl is killing us with cuteness! Then ya'll try to KILL me!
Fantasyflyte has some pretty finished socks. i love the color. Lupingirl showed us she's good at sewing not just knitting. does anyone but me want another little girl to sew for?  Knitflix? It could happen! But maybe it should be called Knitstitx.or something like that. OKC is here with an update. DD's first ever doily and a doughnut! and I love her hair!!! Hey can you hook me up with hair like that?
There's a meet up in Milwaukee in just 3 days! and I'm sooo excited! if you're in the area and you want to come PM me!
ARUGH a Pirate! Will the baby boom challengers please stand up? it's Monday Night time for quidditch.
Siriusly is multilingual! Frick is progressing with the dragon! So is PennyIA. any other dragon ladies out there? show us your dragons people! Straayerliz that yarn is beautiful! FF found a portkey! (not sure if I spelled that right at all) Noonee has shared owl progress.
well that catches you up!
until next time gryffies! Remember I'm on vacation so don't be so chatty! and if you want in the CRR use a photo!

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