Saturday, June 12, 2010

DADA: The Mirror of Erised

In*tro*spec*tion  n. The act of examining one`s own thoughts, beliefs or feelings; looking into one`s own mind
See also navel-gazing; heart-searching; reflection; this month's DADA assigment. 

Yes, boys and girls, this month the redoubtable Scarlettb has decided to get all metaphysical on us. For this month, you are to create a project that symbolizes your heart's innermost desire. So, think long and hard, and come up with the answer to this question: If you were offered the chance to have or be any one thing, what would you choose? (No fair asking for more wishes!)

Some of us would wish to have children; others would wish to have no financial worries; others would wish for health for themselves or a loved one. Still others have wishes to find a job that suits them. Others have wished to love and be loved. All answers are perfectly acceptable.
Maybe you find being introspective to be too intrusive-sharing your innermost thoughts and feelings can make you feel most vulnerable. If so, take heart, and like Dumbledore claim that you want handknit socks. After all, who can deny the pleasure that having warm tootsies can bring? Surely, armed with a new pair of chausettes, you will find the strength to surmount any obstacle!

Keep in mind that you need to make two objects for this assignment. Those who make things that come in pairs only need to make one pair, e.g. mittens, gloves, wristwarmers, socks. Elsewise you need the object and its reflection. Scarlettb has approved of doing 2 different singleton socks, but not of doing a sock WIP that you do not need to start at the beginning for.

If you need any help coming up with ideas to symbolize the desired for object, maybe the following can help:

ASL I love you washcloth (K)
Love Bug Amigurumi (C)
True Love Socks (K)
First Love Baby Blanket (C)
Love Rocks Necklace (K) 
Country Love Potholder (C)
Possum Love Doll (K)
Love in 15 Baby Cap (C)
Love me Knot Illusion Knit Socks (K)
Lovely Reversible Bead Tapestry Crochet Basket (C)
Love Chinese Character chart (K)
Pop Heart (C)

Medieval Money Bag and Coins (K)
Money Budgeting Clutch (C)\
Felted Coin Purse (K)
 Daisy at the Bottom Coin Purse (C)

Jobs: The list of all possibles is endless. Here are options for 2.

 Teacher: Felted teacher tote (K)
Apple bookmark (C)
Twillight Apple Pouch (K)
Crochet Pencil Scarf (C)

Baby`s first DNA (K)
Earl Lenmeyer Flask Amigurumi (C)
Microbes! (K)
Lorenz Manifold (C)

Healthy Vibes socks (K)
Fresh Carrot (C)
Fitness Headband with Ponytail hole (K)
Om shanti Yoga Bag Mat (C)

Wise Old Owl Hat (K)
Smart Crocheted Gloves (C)
Ramp: Wheelchair Totes (K)
Amigurumi Graduation Owl (C)
Know it All tote (K) 
Cap and Mortarboard Snowflake (C)

Peace -- whether within yourself, or within the world.
Peace Baby Cap and Sweater (K)
Peace Sign (C)
Wings of Peace Shawl (K)
Peace Sign Granny Square (C)
May You Find Peace In Your Heart (K)
Baby Peace Bib (C)
Finding Peace Illusion Knit (K)

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