Saturday, June 19, 2010

it's a slow hot saturday. pgs 372 -392

Don't mind me I've been reading like crazy! both in the CRR and some library books. but you're here to read about the CR so lets get to it.
Alexist shared what words we can write on ravelry and get fun little photos! that's quite a list! Derricksdoll's OWL squares are coming a long. i love all the colors!
Stacylovesyan and her mallet of sanity are always ready to whack someone upside the head. CS is sharing some vegan recipes she likes and some beautiful photos of the food she's made. Is anyone besides me thinking they should try to be a veg head? she's seriously tempting me! Frick is sharing her spinning with us. I love it!the DADA frog card is up. I'm soooo sad i missed it. darn freaking stupid socks... wasn't able to finish them in time.
CS is sharing some drop spindles. and I missed movie night....sigh stinkin headache.
Lupingirl got a new bag. it's pretty! jajigirl shared a photo of her drop spinning in public. (pay close attention to the guy staring) CS's spinning is beautiful! Straayerliz got a wheel! (we'll have to wait for photos!) and she finished a sweater and a pair of socks. I like that sweater, I may have to add it to my queue. Frick is sharing some beautiful spinning. and CS has some new roving to spin. I'm so jealous! Spartyliblover finished a hat. Straayerliz finished her charms and potions. Darahmartin shared a hilarious cat photo.
Just as we started taking bets. Jedimeg had her baby!!!! and it's a BOY!!!! whoo hoo. no photos yet but I'm all excited! and I'm sure she is also!

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