Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Common Room Recap pg 321 - 406

and the final update! after this post you should be caught up and current in the Gryffindor common room happenings! :)

SR is taking FantasyFlyte to WEBS! spartyliblover finished her Luna apparel for Halloween.. and shes asking for a super fast fingerless mitten pattern. TheKnittedJuggler is being bothered by the drama llama.. so stacylovesyarn brings the mallet of sanity out to help! referencegoddess has suffered a loss :( lupingirl came back from vacation and she visited tons of places! JaclynBailey says shes traveled lots with metal circs.. however OneKnittyChick says shes had some issues. JaclynBailey shares her enchilada casserole recipe. Aesclinn wins a key chain from StarKnits! autumnleaf77 received a package from the owl post from Jensta79! My long awaited rainbow crochet hooks arrived.. and PennyIA lets us know that the covers she knit for her hooks didn't really work :(

naturallyknitty is now a paid designer! and is asking where she should put her lion.. vanessamn gives us a boy update! noonee shares some awesome crochet portraits with us.. jedimeg16 takes Ian to the aquarium! WoolenHorse shares her recipe for Christmas coffee.. and noonee tells us that karo (corn syrup) can be substituted for the golden syrup.. lupingirl says Gryffindor is still in the lead! CrochetByClare gives us a doggy search update! A few of us are already OWL planning for next term! but the UK yarn I was considering is not as price friendly for the yardage needed. My calculations with some extra yardage for the Lafayette blanket in Caron Simply Soft with the proper colors. StarKnits uploaded a pattern to ravelry and one won a prize on the Knitmore Girls podcast! FantasyFlyte made some really cute things. hermionegraner gives us an update. PennyIA shares a project shes considering for Herbology. DeannaJ is asking you to tell her to get back to work! Galena won a prize on the House Cup blog!

TheKnittedJuggler and TJ broke up. JaclynBailey gives her some moral support.. and TheKnittedJuggler is feeling much better now. stitchywitchy says Atley had an accident that needed stitches! ZTAgirlknits got a big box of goodies! lisakbye has lost her sister :( spartyliblover shares a pic of her mitts! lisakbye found a spinning-bike! CrochetByClare shares a photo of a baby with an interesting diaper cover! trainergirl15 gives us an update and she's met a nice boy! I have cracked the Lafayette blanket edging! TheKnittedJuggler met Saving Abel.. and she's got a new boy interested! WoolenHorse is looking for a Caribbean meat casserole recipe.. CrochetByClare has some lovely beads! and shares her weekend doings. I'm asking for some very quick project advice for little kiddos. fuzzybritches may have caught my queue bug! and FantasyFlyte has caught a real one :( fuzziekit shares a pic of the gypsy scarf. darahmartin got a job!! GirlyPurl is thinking about doing the KP fall/winter seasons shawl.

Mauri is now my hero! she's test knit for Jared Flood (BrooklynTweed)!! Vertigo1414 needs some hugs. FantasyFlyte shares a pic of her mustache gloves. I share pics of my hats. TheKnittedJuggler shares costume pics. stacylovesyarn brings the mallet of sanity down on the head of that lady for Vertigo1414. alexist has an awesome crochet blanket pattern!! Cute newborn photo, just because. Vertigo1414 gets Monty! jedimeg16 shares a progress photo of her Hermione sweater! PennyIA found a really nice sweater pattern, possibly OWL material? Jensta79 is asking if you use twitter? stitchywitchy is getting health insurance!! ZTAgitlknits found Harry Potter quidditch curtains and says the HP bathroom is a go! FantasyFlyte is asking for good luck wishes! Mauri posts the great pumpkin escape! stuartsmom has found a sweater that may help PennyIA. lisakbye shares a video of a tree house of horrors! FantasyFlyte has/had free needles to a good home. Madeleine shares a duck tales video. Jajigirl has learned to use her spinning wheel! and shares some info about the cool stuff you can do in posts on Rav! WoolenHorse was asking for some yardage advice for mittens. derricksdoll makes an appearance in the common room! and Mauri seems to be catching the yuck that's going around :( chris01 went to a fiber festival and has some spindle questions.. and Jajigirl gives her some advice. FantasyFlyte has found a hand driven spinning wheel! and shares a pic of her finished hat. StarKnits has some pretty handspuns!

I share a pic of my OWL singles.. naturallyknitty is in a bit of NEWT panic.. JaclynBailey shares a tragic news story with us, the reason for her trip to CA.. Vertigo1414 had to let Monty go.. Jajigirl shows us her first ever wheel spun yarn.. naturallyknitty finished her baby lion pants! I finished my 50% Herbology OWL.. derricksdoll is looking to fit a hat into classes.. naturallyknitty posts a progress photo of her NEWT sweater. On my spinning wheel I can spin fine without lacing my flier.. but WPI tools help keep a consistent single.. and a little bit of info on how I spin.. Quietish says she may rejoin us in spring! TheKnittedJuggler has yummy cookies! Vote for Trubie to help naturallyknitty win! vanessamn needs some advice. Movie night schedule for November has been posted. OneKnittyChick has an interview!!!

Angiejude is expecting!!!!!!!!! naturallyknitty can now make her own professional grade coffee/espresso! and tells us how too.. and gives us a peek at her new pro coffee maker! The mallet of sanity came out again for trainergirl15! I shared a link about lacing the flier on your spinning wheel for finer yarns.. CrochetByClare has found another doggy in her search and she looks promising! lupingirl finished little girls wig! and shares another adorable pic.. Mauri has some really yummy yarn!! I am insanely jealous of lisakbye's new fiber stash! frick shares leftovers! OneKnittyChick is super cute and she can do anything! I nabbed some ASU fiber! vanessamn got some yummy yarn from Jensta79! spartyliblover made some cute stitch markers. My long awaited True Blood mug finally came and I shared a photo of some swap squares. StarKnits is stalking fiber destash and made a purchase! clmnj58 found some hidden icons.

Jajigirl shares her finished wheel spun yarn! Trick-or-Treat'ing in my neighborhood was a day early, and on hubby's birthday! frick shares some spooky photos too! KrazyQuilts shares photos her monthly projects.. FantasyFlyte is going to be losing some time with SR :( StarKnits dyed up some roving and is looking at fitting it into classes.. I suggested ScoobyDoo for Muggle Studies. clmnj58 shares her projects too.. StarKnits has taught her husband to crochet!!!! losingcount got her prize yarn! OneKnittyChick who has a gun! lupingirl wishes everyone a happy Halloween and she's having a root canal :( .. spartyliblover has transfigured herself into Luna Lovegood! fuzzybritches has an adorable tootsieroll.. fuzziekit has turned in midterm owl progress.. everyone in chat was dying to see a progress photo of my muggle studies spinning, so I snapped a quick pic!

I cannot believe I finished 6 classes and 2 50% owls... I am still in shock! AmyPC shared a pic of her Halloween costumes she made! naturallyknitty is super woman! Jajigirl is getting a redo of her sea turtle socks! Mauri says the staff is considering changing the grading system. StarKnits doesn't like Charlie Brown. stitchywitchy says Gryffindor yarn is on sale! StarKnits says my zombie self should be my new ravatar! CrochetByClare is asking for pup naming help.. a possible MN meet up is in the works! ZTAgirlknits has an adorable little Halloween babies!! Jensta79 is about to steek! Oriocookie had her baby yesterday!!

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