Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Common Room Recap pg 406 - 426

stacyloves yarn brings out the mallet of sanity for KrazyQuilts and clmj58. Angiejude went to see the doctor to confirm the news! OneKnittyChick had a great interview and tells us her fears of moving to MN! but she is still looking for positive energy and happy job vibes! jedimeg16 shares her story of when she first found out she was expecting with Angie.. trainergirl15 gives us a much needed laugh in the common room. I have a little bit of family stress going on :( but my Twinkie Chan book came and that makes me happy!! WoolenHorse gives some much needed light for those of us who need it and has a super scary plan! CrochetByClare gives us a doggy adoption update!

JasminJaquine temps us with a quidditch tshirt, but the link has since expired for the quidditch tee and is now another super cute shirt that also has a 24hr expiration limit.. but it's still enabling none the less! AmyPC is meeting up with stitchywitchy! Angiejude tells us of her parents reactions to the happy news. autumnleaf77 shares a super cute photo of a hat she's made.. and I have made some progress on my cupcake scarf! ZTAgirlknits has turned in an adorable little owl. CrochetByClare has finished the adoption paperwork for her pup!! WoolenHorse is asking you to help out in the quidditch department.. and just in case you are looking for a few more quick projects for quidditch or classes, here are a few! KrazyQuilts has some gryffie handspun!

JuliaV927 saw a pumpkin and thought of us! stacylovesyarn would like to remind you to check the dueling club. spartyliblover is also interviewing in MN! Dark mark cupcakes? autumnleaf77 has gotten a spinning wheel! I've just bought my first hot water bottle, with a little help from lisakbye! this could only happen to me... backwards loop cast on video.. WoolenHorse would like your help finding crochet squares.. Hogwarts castle cake for vanessamn's birthday! Galena's dr gives her the a-OK to knit! dueling club results are in. I finished my cupcake scarf!! stitchywitchy loves thimble doodads.. and she even shows us what hers looks like.. and PennyIA tells us where to buy them!

stitchywitchy has won a prize!! TheKnittedJuggler has another date! Madeleine is asking for your help with some boy Christmas gifts. FlyKytten pops in to tell us she loves spinning! Go poke StarKnits to make her get off the computer and start knitting! FlyKytten is asking for ivory wedding etiquette advice. spartyliblover tells us about the interview. Galena's husband has started yarn licking! Jajigirl tells us of her party!

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