Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Welcome! CRR pages 1-15

cookies provided by katie1138
Hi and Welcome to a new term in Gryffindor! I'm your common room recap reporter, you may call me StarKnits, Allena, or hey you head girl, I'll answer to most anything.
I go through the CR and recap it so you don't have to read every single little post in there. And we chatter a lot, look at the CR now, we have only been open a day and we're 15 pages already. I love photos so if you  want in the CRR post a photo of you or something you made and I'm pretty sure it'll be in here somewhere. If you've got a question or have some help and advice to offer it will probably make the CRR also. So have fun and get chatting! Ok with out further ado.. lets get going.
If you read nothing else please read THIS post and then THIS one and THIS one and you're good. If you'd like to read more, follow me!

Everyone was enjoying the new common room and there are a bunch of ickle firsties! Then we got started with some intros  Jedimeg16, PennyIA, Stitchywitchy, StarKnits (that's me), Jajigirl, NaturallyKnitty, Adevinelife, Mauri, Slmoses, Spartyliblover, Cassie250, BellaMoon, LupingirlFabGrandma, HermioneWeasley, WoolenHorse, Frick, AnnaMarya, Kneady, AussieLeo, Vertigo1414, TheKnittedJuggler (tkj for short), M8land, dumelaisuzu, Angiejude, kimanneberly, Noonee, Katie1138,
Lupingirl has an announcement and AmyPC is able to knit again after a small injury. Attention all 1st years please read this post and click the links. and TKJ is hinting at something fun..... I know what it is but I'm not telling!!! IT's going to be AWESOME!!! The house Ghost stopped by and then was corrected by the Headmisstress. Woolenhorse reveals her mad plan! Noonee got engaged! Check out that ring and there's an update here. Jajigirl has announced the opening of the new Gryffie Gym!!!  Rockinsticks stopped by and asked 1st years to go here.
Today is Frida's birthday! Happy Birthday puppy!  Jajigirl has brought some coffee and cookies to enjoy.
And with that you're caught up! Until next time!

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