Thursday, December 30, 2010

Chatty Chatty! pgs 16-45

Where I keep up with the common room so YOU don't have to! Let's just jump in...

There are a few more intros trickling in. FantasyFlyte, MindySue, Galena, Monkeybutton, Fr3ckles, Kjhhall, Aikaterini, Covington, CherrrySprinkle, Stuartsmom CommaSplice, Stacylovesyarn, DeannaJ,

TKJ is making progress on her world record scarf!!! Give Fuzzybritches some love and send her some airborne or a bubble to live in. something! Amazing courage Monkeybutton and what a scary story I'm so glad you're OK! (i know it happened a while ago) JaclynBailey has the best answer for anything. ever. She needs some help with her OWL planning. (the 2 links are for 2 owls) Our OWL examiner SadieLou stopped by to give some advice to PennyIA. FlyKitten has a question about some yarn. please go give her some advice. Autumnleaf77 is having a boy!!! Jaji reports that the gym is in full motion and she's lost her voice. Can you help FF fit the colors of her projects with a character? Oh nevermind she figured it out. and JB has her's mostly figured out too.. AnnaMarya is made of awesome! Check out PennyIA's 100 charity hats challenge she's started for herself. Autumnleaf77 is asking for some grafting help. Fricknfrack would like to call your attention to our Owl examiners this term.
Then a huge to cut or not to cut conversation got started you can feel free to follow it by clicking here at ground zero and following the comments or not. **We are all very open minded about it and not judging anyone so don't read if you're going to be upset!**
FlyKitten is breaking our eardrums but for a good reason. Lupingirl is behind the scenes getting things ready. NaturallyKnitty has an announcement. Help Wanted. Roaring Lion Award Help! Want to be a project expert? And another announcement but from me.
Got some shawl help or just talk for Noonee? TKJ is taking her scarf to boarders. (i sure wish there were one of those near me) CS has some good news from her aunt. send her the thoughts and prayers and good vibes!
Yarn Sale! We're all insanely jealous of Angiejude and Sparty unless you're one of the lucky ones who's been to the HP theme park. (unless I'm projecting my feelings on the whole house that is) SavvyKnits is counting down the hours till she can CO something. ::giggle:: aren't we all?!?
and with that you're caught up for the most part!
until next time..

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