Friday, September 17, 2010

Common Room Recap pg 147 - 188

I know why you're really here.. it's to see the hotties that have invaded our common room right? well look no further! err well no, I mean, continue reading the post, but for your hunk-fix this is the paragraph you want to pay attention to. Neville is growing up into quite a nice looking young man. Oliver Wood too! Goodness Draco, I barely recognized you! Ron & Ginny make an appearance too, my Ginny you have grown into a beautiful woman! There will always be Gerard in a hottie post! Jack, Zac, & Rob pop in too and a bonus hottie. Daniel came to the party as well as Aragorn came in twice! David & Boromir too!!

WoolenHorse likes her hotties on the more full side so Seth and Sean made an appearance and dragged Elijah along too! and then she shared an image of her ideal man or men? OneKnittyChick tells us that she knows Seth's gf and he really is a great guy, he doesn't just play one on tv! Vertigo1414 has directed us to a hottie site and asks for help fitting a project into classes when fosterson joins us! and talks of his awesomeness. stuartsmom shares where she found that awesome gryffie yarn. JaclynBailey found out she's going to be moving and there is a welcome party going on in Colorado! and talks baby wearing with a photo of her favorite carrier made from her husbands army uniform shirt and shares a photo of fosterson! Gosh, he's making a lot of appearance in this recap... are we sure he's a Slytherin? and she got a surprise from Spartyliblover in her mailbox!

darahmartin is looking for craft fair opinions.. Angiejude has 60% of her OWL done! and reminds us that the Gryffindor Swap is on! and celebrates Mexican independence bicentennial day with some of her favorite foods along with a recipe! she also started a citron and is looking for ideas on how to make it work for classes. Siriusly shared a link for all of us spinners to a 4oz fiber challenge group with lots of patterns! lupingirl talks the possibility of a meet up! I'm willing to host a Grand Rapids, MI spin/get-together! and shared a photo of my arithmancy homework. I found a way to make an OWL out of that sweater after all! and shared a super dorky photo of my deer hat! vanessamn might be the next Gryffindor to find love? Mauri reminds us that the chocolate cards have a hint thread here. First year BEGreen introduces herself! Don't be shy BEGreen, jump right on in!

spartyliblover shares a photo of those awesome needles I was coveting that StarKnits had! and the info is that you can buy them at Hobby Lobby! stitchywitchy shared a photo of her adorable mouse, I never thought I would actually say that about a mouse! and Charlie. FantasyFlyte asks for good thoughts and wishes for her parents due to possible job difficulties and she posted some delicious Gryffindor color yummies! and shes got new pretties! and tells us of Luna Lovegood's life after Hogwarts. TheKnittedJuggler expands a little on her TJ situation and she finds out he thinks shes cute! and he's now her boyfriend!

stacylovesyarn offers frick the mallet of sanity. jedimeg16 is pondering her patronus, she says none of her results really fit her. she's found a yoda bottle cozy for you star wars lovers out there with babies! and shared a photo of herself in her costume for anime central. Covington shares a founding fathers quiz and she made the cheer-leading team! Congrats!!! fuzzybritches shares a photo of a baby bib she made. AmyPC had a devastating accident to her OWL project involving a child and some scissors.. I gave her some advice on repairing but I think she has decided to start over.

clmnj58 is wondering where the 1/2 way point is on her fall/winter shawl.. anyone doing it along with her care to help her out? Jajigirl has an adorable little puppy!! FlyKytten pops in to introduce herself and ask for some spinning help and I was glad to link her to some instructional videos! and she's looking for info on a cute guy! Jensta79 shared a photo of her beautiful shawl!!!

puffygriffinclaw shared a photo of her oy dressed as Dobby, who made his big brother jealous because all the girls gave him the attention, who could blame them? look how adorable he is! Tonks makes an appearance in our common room, no wait, thats referencegoddess! and Madam Hooch! no, that's puffygriffinclaw! Gosh, you ladies had me convinced! vanessamn jumps on board in her Gryffindor garb too! puffygriffinclaw an StarKnits have won gifts! lupingirl shares her thoughts on the disagree button. I really think frick is Marry Poppins.. can you believe that mess she cleaned up? but came home to terrible news :( and the funeral details for hamster.

Knit Picks is having a sale! swifts $50 and 40% off books! and noonee is looking to re-home her swift, PM her if interested. fuzziekit posted 2 awesome projects! autumnleaf77 shared a chocolate pudding recipe, it's vegan and I am going to have to try it!! alexist is looking for natural/food safe ways to get gryffingor colors. StarKnits shared her red attempts.. and its soooo pretty! Quidditch at muggle schools!!!! and Harry Potter has joined Hogwarts! autumnleaf77 greets him with a chocolate frog that I am going to have to make myself! Luna Lovegood also popped in to say hello.

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