Friday, September 3, 2010

Common Room Recap pg 20 - 38

Time for another CRR and boy is it a big one!

I started off sharing my progress photos of my mittens & hat! Don't forget! If you're a Kromski spinner, we have a project thread for you! in which frick already completed a hat for! Mauri is asking for advice using elastic thread and socks.. Kate1138 has brought goodies again to the common room, this time its lion cookies, yummy coffee, & tea! Reminder that all Gryffindor students that wish to submit an OWL needs to fill out the form at the top of the OWL thread. PennyIA shared her OWL proposal with us. I found a hat that would be perfect for TheKnittedJuggler!

autumnleaf77 shared that she is expecting another little Gryffindor! Go and give her some love and encouragement! Aras has shared with us her plans and OWLs. OneKnittyChick let us know that the mallet of sanity is still doing its job! OfAvalonia has turned in her Herbology homework! Angiejude is still looking for some of that baby water, so if you have any, please give her an extra big glass. But autumnleaf77 suggested those who do not want to have the baby water, might do better drinking from a flast like Professor Moody... and stuartsmom is wondering if the lion cookies could possibly be the cause of the Gryffindor baby boom? But Kate1138 assures everyone that the cookies are in fact fertility-free cookies and USDA approved.

Aras is looking for some advice on how to match up hand painted yarns for her cardigan, while TheKnittedJuggler is learning trick juggling, stitchywitchy shared that she juggles time! and stuartsmom found an image to support her proclamations! and brought some butterbeer from Hogsmeade to share with us all. OfAvalonia has started a project for Quidditch, and look who made an appearance in her photograph and her ravatar! Does Vertigo1414 know about this?? and then OfAvalonia shared a picture of Gerard in some awesome knit wear!

naturallyknitty has just gotten her pattern published at KnitPick's! RayOLR is wondering if cotton and bamboo require blocking? lupingirl is asking all of Gryffindor to keep the OWL thread clutter free, and if you would like to comment on someone's OWL proposal, please post it in the Gryffindor common room and earburn them so that they know to read your post! :) Vertigo1414 proved that only Gerard can make a mullet look hot.

Jajigirl shared a photo of something she is making and its beautiful! derricksdoll has suggested to me that all Kromski owners should share a photograph of their wheels with the Kromski train group, and you can do that here. lisakbye and I have shared ours. Because I was on vacation, the first offical Lion Chat movie will take place next Thursday (Sept 9, at 8pm EST/ 5pm PT). I found another hat for TheKnittedJuggler and continued to enable her some more. lupingirl shared an awesome shawl pattern and she isn't even a shawl person!

jedimeg16 let us know that there is a broadway musical swap going on in the odd ducks of ravelry group. OneKnittyChick reminds us that with the holidays coming up larger projects can be used as an HoM OWL which will earn a lot more points than turned in for classes and lupingirl is curious about how you say the word "pudding" and then she shared some news about Cascade 22o Sport! derricksdoll shared her monthly plans while Kate1138 shared some more cookies, coffee, and tea for us all.

lupingirl let StarKnits know that the answer to life and everything is 42. Vertigo1414 has let us know that there has been a small update at the Owl Post Office regarding allergies.

In Lion Chat on Thursday (9/2) the subject of Ravelry's wishlist came up and we are encouraging all Gryffindor students to fill out their wishlists. spartyliblover shared her OWL progress, some fabrics intended to be needle cases, and some really yummy food! cre8vladyb is wondering why her yarn splits a part while she knits, can you help her figure it out? frick was awarded the first roaring lion badge, congrats frick!! and last but not least.. CrochetByClare shared an amazingly adorable transfiguration project!

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