Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Flying Ideas September 2010

Awright! This month as part of Rotation 1, we get to go flying!!!
Now, I know flying is not part of the natural order for lions. We tend to like to stay on the ground. Luckily, our profs this term have decided to introduce it to us slowly. Instead of expecting a full flight, we are to master only one aspect of flying and demonstrate it for the class.

Bloomingfeld: do something that will increase your speed. For knitting/crocheting/spinning find a technique that will help you finish your project faster. (knitting continental, crocheting tunisian, drop spinning instead of park and draft). Other things that have been approved for this include using a knitting machine, cabling without a cable needle, and knitting a project that is normally seamed in the round.
Youtube is a font of visual teaching information. Try querying it for any of these topics for examples of how to do the techniques.

Zapel loop: use a special tool. A pom-pom maker, cable needle, circular crochet hook, bottom whorl spindle instead of a top whorl or vice versa. this is the time to pull out that wacky tool that's been gathering dust and put it to good use. Knitting nancies, knitting looms, double ended crochet hooks, hair pin lace tools, knitting thimbles...heck, you guys probably have a more extensive collection than I do! Put 'em to work, and including a pic of the tool you used in making the project probably wouldn't go amiss.
Patterns to try: Pom-pons: C: ribbed-earflap-hat-with-pom-poms K: flakey-baby-hat-with-pompom
Cable needles: K: tweedy-cabled-cap   newsy-cabled-cap
Circular Crochet Hook: C: fools-the-eye

Hyman:  Knitting/Crocheting/Spinning: Show us 3 or more different techniques for your one project.(for example: 3 different stitch patterns for knitting and crocheting. For spinning: spinning, plying, dyeing in any order etc)
Here's some ideas for knitting and crocheting patterns which show 3 or more different stitch patterns.

Crochet: versatile-baby-sweater-2#  

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