Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Common Room Recap pg 39-81

SavvyKnits has shared a photo of her tattoos and caffeinatedkatie shared her most recent one as well. OfAvalonia has turned in transfiguration homework and shared a link for a neat needle orginzer.. and then even posted some fabulous Gryffindor ravatars! noonee made her shawl in just one day! fuzzybritches can actually knit in her sleep! OfAvalonia shared some really adorable lion soakers! derricksdoll shared her amazing new doilie and then some photos of her tattoos to continue the tatt conversations.

I shared a photo of a blanket that I started in 1995 and lost that some how made its way back into my hands that I plan to finish in memory of my father. Mauri posted a photo of her DADA homework, it's brilliant! and talked about chocolate frog cards. OfAvalonia shared some really pretty nursing pads for you moms out there! OneKnittyChick shared her finished Sookie Stackhouse whisp, and its gorgeous! AmyPC shared her DADA & Charms homework with us. ZTAgirlknits is looking for a knitted flower pattern and has a question about swatches can you help her out? International Redhead Day was upon us! Lots of Gryffies spent their day designing shoes thanks to caffeinatedkatie. JaclynBailey shares her information on using lanolin to waterproof longies and soakers.. and then shared a link that helps with splitty yarns. She let her oldest boy walk to school all by himself, and will you just look at that adorable little face!

CrochetByClare has turned derricksdoll & I into Twinkie Chan fans!
and look at this pizza scarf!! She kept the tattoo conversation going by sharing some images of her future tats..then shared a photo of a super awesome pencil scarf she made! I thought I had finished my peace mitten only to find later that I had to rip it out and start all over :( and I tried to explain how the thumb works here. In my grief I begged for some hotties to head my way.. and vanessamn sent Jacob over right away! I spent my night with two beautiful boys, while she spent her night with another sparkly vampire!

StarKnits is asking to be poked, so go on, poke her! AnnaMarya brought it to our attention that OfAvalonia has turned in all 6 classes already! and naturallyknitty awareded her with a roaring lion badge! stuartsmom has a coffee iv for OfAvalonia which lead her to show us an awesome project she has in progress! and then she decided that I needed a wine iv stat! and then asked for someone to paste Gerard's head & chest on another guys body and I was happy to oblidge! and then OfAvalonia shared some really cute patterns that have found their way into my queue.

OfAvalonia shared a great project a Puff made in Gryff colors! and I managed to finish my handspun thorpe! and shared a photo of some of my OWL spinning progress. derricksdoll shared a photo of one of her OWL hats that her husband and father are currently fighting over and a photo of her Transfiguration homework! SavvyKnits says that Gryffindor girls get naughty too!

CommaSplice shared her adorable flying project with us, Sheldon! autumnleaf77 is celebrating a birthday! and stuartsmom shared some really amusing laws with us! and will you take a look at Jajigirl's toxic socks!! amazing aren't they!? Deathly Hallows stills have been posted and TheKnittedJuggler is banned until friday!

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