Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sep 2010 Inspirations

Hello Everyone

WoolenHorse here for the first time as your Project Expert for Herbology, History of Magic and Potions, I have really enjoyed the process of putting this list together although it has been harder than I had imagined. I hope to be a little faster next time but for those of you still struggling for inspiration here are some thoughts.

First off Herbology

Think tidy but remember you need to be sticking to either gardening or yarn craft in your tool care. This is where my train of though led me. First there is that long list of needle cosies on the linky for you to peruse, then the pot cosy caught my eye and made me think "Mmmmm tea!!!", well I am English! So I thought cup cosy after all you need to keep warm outdoors so I found this for a Hoot! (K) perfect if you are looking for a pride project or the very pretty Patty (K) and remember it can always be used as an emergency mandrake warmer. Then for a bigger project I spotted a proper Garden Bag (C). Then going back off the wall again I saw this great Slug (K), my story is "You have terrible trouble with Flesh-Eating Slugs and have resorted to luring them to their doom with this pretty lady". Back on track again I found some lovely Mitts (K) and some even better Gloves (K) if your feeling brave. But for me it will be a fab perfect little Project Bag (C) which also has a version for Knitter's. For the DYERS out there you have a couple of choices but I have one word for you "Rhubarb!". And if you spin well String String String that has to be justifiable.

Next up History of Magic and my has this caused a lot of consternation!

I think the key here is that most things can fit if you think carefully but stick to the castle's magical interior. Moving stairs were the first thing to catch my imagination and the esteemed Escher (the man must have been a wizard) so how about some Escher inspired Socks (K) or even just a simple Staircase (K) pattern. Then there was the Great Hall where the roof may be Stormy (K), full of Stars (K) or dark as the deepest shadow with just one Evening Star (C). For all those hidden things secret passages or the room of requirement why not try your hand at a touch of Illusion Knitting (K) or for the Incurably Brave (K). Finally the pictures and a little lateral thinking brought me to a Moving Picture (C) or a Very Headmasterly Cap (K). I meanwhile will be Hedwiging (K) it to my pride project.

And finally to Potions ..............

........excuse me just taking a moment to remember the Dreamy Mr S! Where were we?

Well on this one it is a real case of anything goes you can fix and embellish or make a new and beautiful thing so I will just list a few things I find lovely. Dyers and spinners meanwhile the world is your Oyster.

Small, Little Flowers (C), T-Shirt (C),
Book Crazy (C), Sew Sweet (K), Winter Baby (K), or A Bit of Flare (K).

Large Scarflette (C), Loving Lace (K), Floral Fantasy (K), Cuddly Cowl (K), old Style Christmas (K) or Sexy Socks (K).

And what better to beautify your little corner of the tower than A Lovely Lion (C).

Hope that helps!!! Good Luck

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