Sunday, September 5, 2010

Roar Roar GRYFFINDOR!!!!

Every term NQFY's shuffle into the sorting ceremony looking to join in the fun of the HPKCHC. Sadly some never participate for whatever reason.

Then you get a standout first year like OfAvalonia.

In her first week of being a Gryffindor she has already handed in assignments for six classes! That means she has already earned us the full amount of base class points possible.

Herbology homework:
Mabon Mitts

Transfiguration homework:
Vabbian iPod Cosy (4)

DADA homework:
Proxy Foxy (1)

Potions homework:
Cat's Meow (2)

HoM homework:

and last but not least (especially since it fits our house unity project this month)

Flying homework:
To Hedwig!

Did I mention she is planning on submitting an OWL as well.... and already has some fingerless mittens on the needles for qudditch? Yeah.

This is Jaclyn Bailey, Your Projects Highlighter signing off to get to work! (since I feel like a slacker now!)


  1. Wow! Awesome job. Roar Gryffindors!!!

  2. What a Gryff! Way to go!!!


  3. Roar go go... I am about two half way through my first project and starting on my second (I need 'mindless' knitting when I have coffee with friends) but six in six days... impressive very very impressive.

  4. Go OfAvalonia! You rock! ROOOAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!