Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Common Room Recap pgs 82-147

Gryffindor has been very chatty of late! Lots of birthdays have kept the common room busy as well as some news of the recent changes (see note below).. OfAvalonia has turned in another class and is working on Charms! and then she tells us that she has completed all 8 classes! I'm beginning to doubt that she's human! StarKnits shared some really beautiful quilts she got from her grandmother and I continue to poke at her to get her swatches done! stitchywitchy reminded us that tattoos and MRI's have been proven safe thanks to the Mythbusters and shared a very cute turtle blanket! derricksdoll is on a roll with her amazing hats! and look how adorable these are! and shes looking for a Gryffie who makes lots of dish cloths.

a few hotties have stopped by our common room as of late! here, here, and here! stuartsmom reminds us that 9/19 is talk like a pirate day arrr! and she found some awesome gryffindor yarn on the cheap! where are all these yarn deals when I am looking?! Covington is looking for advice on her house unity project. TheKnitteduggler has met a boy! and gives us the deets! fuzzybritches has some adorable babies!! stacylovesyarn turned in an adorable house unity project! and brings her mallet of sanity out for stutchywithy, lupingirl asked for it to be at the ready, on me for time management freak out, and StarKnits for the lack of OWL swatching.

Jensta79 shared her amazing Ishbel shawl with us.. naturallyknitty shares 3 amazing projects, including some handspun for the Kromski Train project!! and the loot she scored at the fiber festival. CrochetByClare gets the party started! and shares some scans from her Japanese crochet books. Jajigirl gives us an update about the fall fitness challenge. Kate1138 brings an adorable lion cake! lol right after a fitness update, ack! spartyliblover shared some of her projects. cupcakes34 links us to all of ravelrys images! I spent far too much time there trying to figure them out! frick finished that amazing peace sign hat!

I finally figured out the thumb on my mittens and have finished one!.. well.. almost.. then shared some photos of my Bella's Mittens, telling everyone they knit up fast and easy! Galena reminds us how long we have until Christmas! ack! JaclynBailey won a KnitPick's pattern from the House Cup blog! eagallant also has an adorable little baby!!! and while we are on the adorable baby talk, look who CommaSplice posted! Covington found some really awesome yarn deals! and shared a monster daughter poem. nearly an entire page of harry potter jokes! referencegoddess posted some cute christmas socks, I am really in love with that yarn color!

trainergirl15 has suffered a loss in her family and she could probably use your support right about now. a forced reminder that Gryffindor students have gotten lost in my queue! enter it at your own risk! fosterson joined us wih his mallet of sanity! Angiejude shared an adorable pug photo! and another one here! look how adorable Pomo is! and then she shared her 'happy place' playlist.

I cannot remember who asked me about changing the needle brands for your OWL and the need to run it by the professor, so I hope you saw my question, I have lost your message :( however, the answer was as I suspected, not if the size and gauge are the same. Gryffindor word search! I've made it my life long vow to poke StarKnits into oblivion if she does not swatch and post BOTH of her OWLs...vanessamn gave me a new awesome word - Yumtastic! and thinks we should change the nike poster to just knit it! and so I did!! FantasyFlyte posted her first class! and finds the joys of swatching! CrochetByClare is showing some adorable puppy photos of puppies she might be getting! here and here.

Voldemort made me crap my pants! Thanks StarKnits! I'm never going to get this song out of my head! I'm up to my old tricks and manage to enable the entire house with sock yarn etsy sellers! and it worked on FantasyFlyte! CrochetByClare tries to motivate StarKnits to get her swatches done. I let everyone know that I am easily motivated by something shiny and then I give an example. lupingirl has posted a list of the Triwizard Champions. CrochetByClare shared her art project with us! clmnj58 would like to remind you to post your finished objects in the trophy room. SadieLou stopped by to give us a lovely lion cake! Anna92 reminds us that the Gryffindor swap thread closes on friday!

::giggle giggle::
frick is doing lace surgery, please go give her chocolate and some love! slmoses is looking for some pricing advice on her jewelery.stitchywitchy is asking for some advice on felted words. Ravenclaw is welcoming us to their fondue party in the tower in honor of recent events (see note below). A hamster has come to live with StarKnits and she finished 1 OWL swatch.. now time to poke her for the second OWL... CrochetByClare has a really cute plant cozy!

NOTE: There have been many posts left out about the changes occuring in the House Cup. Many of these were concerns, hugs, fears, sorrow, and questions.. I will direct your attention to the post that started the whole ordeal, and the post about the remaining staff and the changes ahead if you would like to read about it these are the official threads.

Summary of Events

Gryffinor would like to move forward from this point. Most of you have already caught up on these events, so I felt no need to rehash them here in the common room upate. If you would like to read those pages of what happened after the changes thread, please view from this page to about this page.

In the spirit of moving forward, I didn't leave anything important out of the update, but I didn't feel the need to force you to relive it either! :)

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