Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Common Room Recap pg 1 - 19

Wow, Gryffindor sure is a chatty bunch on the first day of term! Time to get started with the first CRR already!

Things stared off with the usual meet & greets and the sharing of class project ideas, until stacylovesyarn brought out the mallet of sanity to using it to thwack OneKnittyChick's & noonee's coworkers! Our fitness guru Jajigirl has a fitness challenge thread going in Lion Pride here, and she's welcoming everyone to join here. Jedimeg16 shared an absolutely adorable photo of her little boy here.

Kate1138 brought some delicious goodies to the common room to share with everyone! Cathymimi has joined us again after a brief hiatus and we are thrilled to have her back with us! Jedimeg16 is blaming me (CherrySprinkle) for her new spinning abilities ... I take my job very seriously as house enabler you know! I outlined the Wednesday chat times here.

MINDYSUE gave us an update about Quidditch including extra points here! I shared a photo of my Divination OWL swatch. stuartsmom gave us an over-view of the Quidditch rules to help you answer some questions you may have. KrazyQuilts was wondering if using Pi would be ok for Arithmancy and the answer seems to be yes!

Covington shared a photo of her beautiful blue dishcloth square and earned Gryffindor 15pts! and she is looking for some help fitting a project into classes. Madeleine reminded us that Gryffindor has turned in the first FOUR homework assignments here! Way to go Gryffindor!!

Mauri shared her awesome NEWT mittens. naturallyknitty shared her amazing handspun for her NEWT! lupingirl is asking Gryffindor to honor our fallen and is asking you to please consider honoring Hedwig by turning in an OWL themed project this month or referencing the Owlery, an OWL cable, etc.

.. and that should catch you up on what you missed on your first day in the Common Room!

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