Thursday, March 13, 2014

Pride Roundup

Hello everyone! It's time to check in on the Prides again.

This week in the Animal Crackers, someone shared their finished Mission, and a few packages arrived. Some weaving was done, and some happy news was shared.

The Sugar Quills got caught up with Flat Ron and Flat Harry. They also shared a cooking adventure for the Headmistress Challenge, a finished OWL, and an OWL and Mission together.

The Canary Creams made some cute mitts, discussed the upsides of Slytherin, made a cute Yoda, and created an interesting sock pouch.

The Fizzing Whizbees were very quiet this week, though they did discuss Quidditch and have two nominated prize winners.

The Pepper Imps were also pretty quiet, someone shared their progress for the month and a collage of last month's turn ins, and an OWL was completed.

In the Exploding Bonbons, they discussed new contacts, made a headband for a class, and made a bargain involving green hair.

Last but not least, the Acid Pops laid out what they're doing in March, turned in a class, a gorgeous Mission was finished, and a few more classes were finished.

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