Saturday, March 22, 2014

Featured Classroom Arithmancy

I have been away from the castle for awhile due to some things going on at my home, namely the moving of said home to a new location. I have been looking around trying to get back in the groove and see everything I have missed. It is going to take me longer to see everything then I thought, but I did drop into Arithmancy and grabbed a few great shots to show off today. There is talent from all over the castle, as always.

Slytherin definitely has talent in Arthmancy Shown off here by



Gryffindor did not slouch for this class either shown here by



Hufflepuff can do those number too shown here by



Ravenclaws didn't leave Arithmancy out either, shown here by



Our NQFYs made sure to show off their abilities too, show here by



These are just a few pieces picked to show off the works in the class. Be sure to stop by and see all the other amazing projects

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