Sunday, March 2, 2014

Common Room roundup

Our Head of House lead off the week with a captivating photo of a class turn-in.  The Head girl awarded some prizes and provided a link for anyone wanting to donate some.  Recipes were posted for a Coke cake and a Dr Pepper Cake, both of which sound delicious.   A link was posted for badges now available in the Great Hall.  There was a concensus that Plarn was an acceptable material for class turn-ins.  Eleven more Gryffs turned in their 50% for their OWLs, two NEWTs reached 75%.

There was general agreement that it is worth the time to knit sweaters for kids, and they can often wear them both indoors and out.  Some good advice was also provided on how to successfully layer them.  A wonderful knitted Lion arrived as part of a swap.  Having reached 4 million members, Rav posted some fun statistics.  One Pride reached 100% class participation.  

Apparently knitting is good for your health.   These guys don't hurt either.   And finally, there were some fun suggestions for family reunion games.

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