Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Completed OWLs Part 1

There are a lot of completed OWLs this term, and we'll be featuring as many as possible on the blog during the break month. Up first are Ancient Runes, Arithmancy, Astronomy, and Care of Magical Creatures.

Ancient Runes

First up is dreamofcolors. This is her first owl, and has designed a colorwork hat chart and knit sample hats. The pattern has even been published on Ravelry!

WIPitis has also finished an Ancient Runes OWL. This colorwork cowl took 1300 yards of yarn and had an impressive 204 stitches to kitchener together at the end. The results are pretty darn impressive.


heather219 has been working on oodles of blanket squares for her OWL, completing 24 this term. On the left is all of them, the right are closeups to show just how gorgeous they are.

jwill knit and crocheted 16 hats for the charity NEST Maine. I think the recipients will be quite happy with them!

nesterknitter knit these gorgeous stranded colorwork fingerless mittens. They look like a perfect fit.

trametes1971 knit 6 pairs of socks for charity! An amazing feat for sure, plus in the process used 6 different heels and several different techniques including lace, stranded knitting, slip stitches, and more.

I am also in this group. I, watrpriestess, knit 25 hats from a variety of patterns for charity.


intallcotton is the only Gryffindor who has turned in an Astronomy OWL this term, and it is quite an impressive one. A sparkling Celestarium depicting the night sky!

Care of Magical Creatures

christinahwest completed her OWL by making 16 baby hats for donation to a local woman's shelter. I especially love the rainbow hats.

maggievanderstok spun and dyed 7 skeins of yarn to represent a welsh green dragon, thestral, garden gnome, unicorn, screech owl, salamander, and augury. This group shot represents a selection of yarns I think anyone would be ecstatic to have made.

teknosugar hatched a dragon egg and came up with a lovely cardigan for her mom. I can definitely see the scale shapes, and I'm sure her mom will love it.

I'm really impressed with all the OWLs covered today, and will be back tomorrow with another group. Keep an eye out for your fellow Gryffindor's amazing projects!

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