Tuesday, April 22, 2014

How I Prepare for a New Term: mommyofrhyse

Welcome to a new blog mini-series! We're writing about how to prepare for a new term and today we welcome a guest writer. This is how mommyofrhyse gets ready for a new term during the break month.

Well first thing I figure out is what I want/need to make and have a small list. This includes deciding if I want to do an advanced studies project and which one. I only do 1 advanced studies project because for me I find that it makes the term too crazy with a OWL & Order of the Phoenix mission. So for example this term I am planning an OWL and multiple smaller projects that can fit in classes and quidditch. 
One of the things I need to make this term is another strip for my boys blanket (that is 9 blanket squares). I also have an on going blanket for myself with hexipuffs that I want to work on as well. With 9 blanket squares I have at least 3 classes each month, everything else is gravy. So my term plot list looks like this: 
DADA OWL - Dr. Who Scarf
9 blanket squares - fit into classes/quidditch
Hexipuffs - fit into classes 
After I figure out what I am going to be making I find my yarn (either dig it out of the bin or purchase it). I make a project page for my OWL, swatch, & get pictures. I make sure I have my patterns that I need accessible either in paper or on my Kindle. By that time I am half way through break month and just chill and wait and plot for the next term (I’m a long range plotter).

Maybe you can apply some of her methods to your preparations. We'll be be back with more on how to prepare for a new term soon!

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