Tuesday, April 29, 2014

How I Prepare for a New Term: MariaSamira

This is a newbie’s way to prepare for the next term!

After loosing a couple of notes with initial skein yardage for some projects I will start using a notebook to have a place to make notes when I’m not at the computer – projects, yardage, points and dates.

I also set up a break month to do list:
  1. Set up new spreadsheet (points+yardage tracking, as well as class ideas) 
  2. Make a list of items I need to make over the next 3 months (note deadlines, yarn, color etc.) 
  3. Make a list of items I want to make over the next 3 months (note deadlines, yarn, color etc.) 
  4. Add items from 2 & 3 to queue (add tags, notes, yarn, etc.) 
  5. Sort items from 2 & 3 for potential classes, OWL, Order Mission, Quidditch 
  6. Look at WIPs and sort them by category: keep, frog, not sure 
  7. Frog WIPs and re-wind yarn (update stash) 
  8. Get at least one WIP ready for WIP the First 
  9. Decide if I want to do an OWL and/or Order Mission 
  10. Add possible OWL projects to my OWL spreadsheet 
  11. Preparation for OWL: go through OWL spreadsheet and browse possible subjects; swatch, set up project pages, weigh yarn (write in notebook and/or project page), have proposal ready before the term starts 
  12. Preparation for Order Mission: set up project pages, put yarn in separate bag/space 
  13. Have a project bag for each OWL or Order Mission item 
  14. Add all dates/deadlines to the wall calendar as they come up (use colors, litte drawings, stickers etc.) 
  15. Add placeholder pictures to project pages to make finding them on the projects overview easier (also: use tags; organize them into sets)

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