Thursday, April 3, 2014

Completed OWLS Part 3

Hi there! Today we'll be celebrating three more OWL categories, History of Magic, Muggle Studies, and Transfiguration.

History of Magic

adevinelife has knit 16 hats for charity depicting 4 different quidditch teams, the Appleby Arrows, Hollyhead Harpies, Puddlemore United, and the defunct Ilkley team.

GardeniaPatti spun three skeins of yarn to represent three Hogwarts professors, Remus Lupin, Dolores Umbridge, and Severus Snape.

Muggle Studies

MrsDanvers crocheted a Molly Weasley cardigan. The sleeves are especially awesome, both because of the many colors and the cool flare at the end.

KnitInferno knit a lovely green sweater and is waiting for a cold day to wear it. I can't help but hope it's not till next year, but I'm sure it will get a ton of use.

Rinabina knit not one, or two, or three, but FOUR sweaters! Two fun kidsized sweaters for two special little girls, a nice adult sweater for herself, and cardigan. I know I'm impressed.

knittingnonsense knit a long sleeved sweater for herself that has a surprise. The sleeves fold down as built in fingerless gloves!

miona knit a gorgeous swoopy cardigan for herself. Plus, I think her picture staging skills are so cool. Is that an clarinet I spy?


mommyofrhys made a whole FIVE cowls, one of which has cool, sparkly beads. That's almost 2000 yards of yarn used.



LumosKP used over 2,200 yards of yarn to create 24 hats for charity. I'm surprised they all fit on a table! They're also quite colorful, I like the big bold stripes most of them feature.

JogsWithNeedles took on two cabled projects, a cowl and a cardigan. They both turned out to be a great use of more than 1,300 yards of yarn.

Next time, we'll have our final selection of OWLs, Potions and Detention.

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  1. Oh so many lovely projects. Yes, that's a clarinet you spy, which I play fairly poorly, sitting alongside my flute, which I play better, and that's my partner's ukulele case. We have an instrument addiction!
    xoxo Miona (Fi)