Friday, April 4, 2014

Completed OWLs Part 4

Today we're looking at the OWLs for Potions and Detention.

mio loom knit 60 large hats with at least 3 colors each. WOW! That is an amazing selection of hats, and I'm sure the recipients will love it.

TheWindWraith finished a gorgeous stranded colorwork blanket that featured sheep and a custom collie chart in the bottom right. I'm sure her collies approve, she did a great job rendering them in yarn.

PinkLemons crocheted a blanket for charity. The granny squares are so bright and the colors work together wonderfully.

PuffyGryffinclaw knit a sweater with a very colorful yoke. The blue is especially gorgeous, and the other colors compliment it well!

simplyme5252 knit a cardigan with a fair isle yoke. The colorwork turned out great, and I'm particularly impressed with how nice the zipper is incorporated.

AuroraSelene knit a pair of very colorful socks that are stranded throughout. They were even knit two at a time, I can only imagine how all those skeins were juggled.


fitzie finished up a blanket and a mitered square vest. I'm sure it's great to get these WIPs off the needles and ready to use!

frick finished up quite a number of things. Two shawls, two pairs of socks, and two skeins of yarn! They are handily visible all in one picture, but don't let it fool you. Everything finished is amazing. I've also included a glamorous shot of each shawl, because the lace deserves to be seen1

PrincessCutie tackled two WIPs, a pair of gloves and a colorwork cardigan with cute little birds on it for herself. The steeking is great, despite the fear it strikes in the hearts of many knitters.

damereading knit a bag to hold her knitting in! It even has 6 pockets knit into it, and a cute little bow embellishment. It's quite fetching looking on her arm, and it'll be handy for years.

One more post till we've wrapped up our OWL coverage. Congratulations to all who completed your projects!

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