Sunday, April 6, 2014

NEWTs Winter 2014

This term, Gryffindor has had 5 students complete the most difficult of House Cup projects, a NEWT. Taking 4 months instead of 3, they completed the equivalent of 2 OWLs. That's one impressive feat!

First up is abitknottie, who proposed knitting an adult sized sweater and 5 pairs of socks for her first NEWT. The sweater is meant to study the muggle Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, and was the inspiration for the sock choices. The socks honor Joan of Arc, Amelia Earheart, Anne Bonny, Marie Curie, and Sally Ride. From my own Muggle Studies, I know these women are all strong role models who are well worth honoring.

 Next is our fearless Head of House, AmyPC! She took on an Arithmancy/Transfiguration NEWT, and I think her proposal sounds lovely. Here's a little quote from it:

This NEWT is all about Celebrations. Celebrating Christmas with meaningful decorations and gifts. Celebrating my husband on Father’s Day. And celebrating new life with a teacher that has been a blessing to our family.
A touching sentiment that has been met and maybe even surpassed with her projects, a baby blanket, an afghan, and 12 Christmas ornaments.

f1bercat finished a Transfiguration/DADA NEWT with 4 shawls and 1 lace cowl. The cowl is actually something she designed based on one of the stitch patterns from the white Advent Calendar Scarf also included in this NEWT.

Jensta79 worked on an Arithmancy/DADA NEWT this term, knitting two sweaters (to blend in with muggles), fingerless mittens(to keep her wand arm warm and ready to go), and a pair of socks(to creep past enemies). Everything turned out so well, I can't imagine the projects won't do exactly what they were intended to!

The final celebrated NEWT student is kmroberton, who spun a total of 26 oz of fiber into yarns representing the Gryffindor Quidditch team. Since she'd already studied the great Harry Potter in an OWL, she covered the rest of the team. Oliver Wood was represented by a single ply tussah silk yarn. Katie Bell is represented by a 2 ply, and Alicia Spinnet a 3 ply. Angelina Johnson's skein was Navajo plied from a lovely Polwarth/Silk blend. Finally, Fred and George are represented by a 4 ply skein and a 2x2 cable yarn from the same colors. You can really see the difference plying made!

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