Saturday, April 5, 2014

Completed OWLs part 6

This is another batch of OWLs that do not fit into one category but were turned in after the early posts here were drafted.

Aliceindilbrtlnd finished off two lovely blankets as part of her successful detention owl. 

Scrapgirltc also did a detention owl, managing to use up over 3400 yards of yarn while finishing off this lovely hat, scarf and blanket.  

Somethingwithtail achieved her Divination OWL and her personal dream of making something spectacular for her niece and nephew.  

MaryB1983 showed her skill in Care of Magical Creatures by crafting a fabulous zoo. 

Idoicaniam successfully hatched a beautiful Phoenix egg, gaining her a COMC OWL as well. 

Pinkleo vanished 2895 yards of yarn to achieve this lovely blanket and her Transfiguration OWL. 

Fuzziekit showed brilliant skill with cables en route to this Herbology OWL. 

Womblingstar demonstrated her superior Charms wandwork by not only knitting this lovely top but designing it as well. 

Lsgarner also achieved her Herbology OWL, with this cabled sweater. 

DorothyJean made a phenomenal number of fingerless mitts this year:  25 pairs for her DADA OWL,  14 pairs for her Mission and 1 for Quidditch! 

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