Sunday, April 27, 2014

Stairway to the top Part 2

We covered the first couple weeks worth of information from the thread our fearless leader started a few terms ago in part one of the Stairway to the top, and now we are going to look over the last couple weeks of it as we get close to the start of term.

Break Month Week 3


Why should you consider Advanced Studies? Advanced Studies earn a ton of points and we are trying to make it to the TOP! We don’t want to miss out on this opportunity.

If you are a NEWT student, you only have a couple days left to put forth your NEWT proposal. Hopefully you've been planning it out and working through the details. Many NEWTs were planned last month, proposed earlier this month and were approved and are well on their way to greatness. The rest of us will have to wait until next term to consider a NEWT! We’ll need to remember to think about that in March…

For most of us the question becomes OWL or Order Mission or both - which is the right step for you?

OWL - a Three Month Challenge!
You can learn all about how OWL’s work on the Everything OWL page in the main cup group.
Glance through your organized Queue. What do you really want, and really think you can do in 10 to 12 weeks? What did you tag as potential OWL projects?
A large lace shawl? An adult sweater? A large felted bag? That’s what you’re shooting for as far as complexity and size.
Head on over to our Advanced Studies Support thread for advice and help with your planning and for opinions on your patterns.

Order of the Phoenix Mission - a Two Month Challenge!
Check out the Order of the Phoenix guidelines!
If something “adult-sweater-sized” doesn't quite match your needs and plans this term, consider joining the Order! It can be dangerous, it’s always exciting… and it has less stringent, more flexible requirements.
A dozen blanket squares for charity, a short sleeved adult top, your first pair of socks, that mystery kal/cal that starts in October…that’s the sort of thing that fits in the Order.
You will have to do a bit of role playing in the order. For example, “ I am planning an intricately cabled pillow that will allow me to communicate with Order Headquarters in case of emergency.” You can get help with your planning and role-playing in the Advanced Studies Support thread.

Both an OWL and a Mission
only recommended for experienced crafters - you be the judge!
If you are a “Do It All” person - and who isn't, we’re trying to get to the TOP here! - keep in mind that there is no harm in proposing either or both options. You will not be penalized for not completing what you propose. On the other hand, if you fail to propose it - you lose any opportunity to earn those big points.

This is the week to make final decisions about your Advanced Studies!
Find help in the Advance Studies Support thread.

Don’t forget to continue working through your WIP pile, this is not a good time to cast on new! Try to avoid that temptation. Prepare your WIP the First Detention turn ins.

Break Month Week 4

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1) Get your OWL swatching done, this is an important step to ensure your success. Take pictures of your yarn and swatch.
2) Gather all the needed supplies - yarn, needles, pattern, etc. Put it in your favorite project bag so you are ready to go. Consider treating yourself to a new project bag as a reward for all your hard work during break month.
3) Write your OWL proposal and put it in the Advanced Studies Support thread to get feedback. Get all the formatting set up the way you like it. When the first gets here you can simply copy and paste your proposal with all the formatting (in the edit post screen).
4) Break your OWL down into smaller portions so you can better plan your crafting throughout term. Note how many pattern repeats there are and figure out how many you have to do each week to stay on task. If you’re doing 10 items - promise yourself you’ll get one done each week. If you have 80 motifs, better get at least one done each day and don’t forget you’ll need time for finishing. If you are knitting 1000 yards - make sure you complete 100 yards each week. It is important as we continue our journey to the TOP that you have a weekly goal for your Advanced Studies. It will make all the difference in the world later.
5) Have everything for your OWL finalized by the 30th, so that on the 1st you can post your OWL proposal for approval. Remember, this will give you the full term to work on your OWL.
6) Gather your Mission supplies/stories so that when they start accepting B.R.O.O.M.s later in January, you are ready to post.
7) Continue working on those WIPs so that you can finish one on the 1st and turn it into Detention - 10 points on day one! You are on your way to the top!

So what do you have left to do? Me I need to still take my pictures for my OWL proposal and get my WIP the First ready to go. I have decided to make propose a Mission and an OWL this term even though I have yet (going on 4th term) to complete both of them. I am getting closer and I think I am learning more about what I able to do.

Just a few more days to go. Lets take this all the way to the top.

ROAR for an Awesome term.

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