Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Last-Minute Finishing Touches

Hello, Gryffindor!

Today I really want to highlight some of our last-minute October projects, so here's a compilation of some spectacular projects that you guys turned in during the last 3 days of the month!

Naturallyknitty spun up this stunning purple yarn fractally for Arithmancy!

Savvyknits made this precious little snail for Transfiguration!

FantasyFlyte made this cute little skeleton bride and groom couple for Muggle Studies!

Knitknot submitted these impressive colorwork socks for Ancient Runes!

MrMagpie cleaned some socks for Potions! It's always good to have clean socks! ;)

Lupingirl's remembrall socks for Charms are just beautiful!

Mimocoyo finished this bright and colorful hat for CoMC!

For DADA, vsmedile spun up this beautiful yarn!

 For Detention, Kina8D finished this awesome hat!

And in Quidditch, for the 2nd Yule Ball Event, jwill knit up these adorable owls!

Keep it up, Gryffindor!!!! ROAR!

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