Saturday, January 16, 2010

Gryffindor Owl-A-Long

Hello Fellow Gryffies! This term, we are doing an Owl-A-Long. All you have to do is make an owl themed project for a class (or your OWL), and post about it in the common room. You can also leave a comment on the blog here, and we'll offer advice, cheer you along and celebrate your awesome FO's!!

Let us know what class you turned it in for when you do, and we will all go oooh! and aaah! and show our Gryff support.

This KAL/CAL is in honor of Hedwig, one of the most noble Gryffs of all. So, be it owl cables, an owl sweater, an amigurumi owl, etc., show us your best representation of our feathered fellow fighter of you-know-who.

ETA: First one turned in: Vertigo1414 and her owl fingerless gloves!
And another: eyeamelise and her owly hat!


  1. I'm currently working on a pair of Hedwig and Errol socks for DADA. My resolution this year is to take time for me. I've had a ball of Opal HP yarn in the Hedwig colorway since last Valentine's day.

    I'm doing an owl cable down the front, 1 sock down and 1 to go!

  2. they've been up 2 mins! you work quick

  3. I've picked the Under the Tree fingerless mitts for Divination... I find the owl itself to be mesmerizing considering that it's really just three rows of cables and a couple of purl stitches... just fascinating.