Thursday, January 7, 2010

First Gryff Interview!

Ok, so to get to know some of our fellow Gryffindors a little better I'm going to be conducting interviews with some of them. My goal is one a week, and I'll be asking each person who they think should be next. Also if there are any questions I haven't asked that you think I should add feel free to let me know!
Now on to the fun. First up is our fearless leader AngieJude, first the basics. She's a third year and as well as being our HoH she's also the Rotation 1 teacher. (This month it's Arithmancy)

Do you have any OWLS? what for?
I have started a total of 2 OWLs and completed a total of 0.
I know… I really need to finish at least one!

What crafts do you do?
Knitting, crochetting, jewelry, painting, drawing, baking, sewing and clay modelling.

Do you have any other talents?
I can tie a knot with a cherry stem. Wait… isn’t that what you were asking?

Any other major interests?(tv shows, books, wrestling monkeys?)
Star Wars, Harry Potter (yes, unfortunately for some, in that order) Vampires (but not Twilight, I prefer Anne Rice).
My favorite shows of all time: Friends, Big Bang Theory, Two and a Half Men, Felicity, Spongebob Squarepants, Gossip Girl, Brothers and Sisters (I’m sooo in love with the brothers!!!) and My Name is Earl (it cracks me up!!!!)
My husband and two dogs are my life. I also love fashion and buy more magazines than I probably should.
I work with kids once a month (that gameshow with the 10 year olds) and I love them and miss them when we’re not taping.

What’s you fave HP Character?
The Weasley Twins. Fred, really. And then I think Luna.

What’s your fave Potter moment from either the books or movies?
“Not my daughter YOU BITCH!” Classic. Made me go “Yes!!! Yesss!!” all teary-eyed.

What’s your fave potter item/spell?
Ridikulus!!! Oh and I would love Molly’s knitting needles so I could finish those dang OWLs. The pranking devices are also a personal favorite… (Pride names, anyone?)

What’s your fave HPKCHC class?
I love DADA (but don’t tell the Slytherins) ;)

What’s your fave project of yours?
My fist socks (just finished them today!)
Here's a Ravelry link to that project page

What’s your fave yarn or fiber type?
Anything soft and natural.

Anything special you’d like the people to know?
I’m really happy to be Head of House. Let’s win the cup this term. ROAR!!

Who do you recommend for the next interview?
Oriocookie, she’ caretaker, she turns in a LOT of projects, finishes crazy OWLs and has a husband and kid… How DOES she do it?

Alright Oriocokie, you're next! Keep an eye out for that dancing envelope ;)


  1. Nice Interview. Good job to both of you.

  2. wooohooo... I have never been interviewed before.. which is crazy since there is interviews done on the staff each term.. I just never get picked.LOL

  3. me neither and it's my second term as staff! :)