Sunday, January 3, 2010

January Arithmancy Ideas

Arithmancy is our Rotation 1 Course this month and is taught by our lovely Angiejude.

This month we are studying the Droste effect.  Have you ever seen a picture of a room, with a picture on the wall, which is actually a picture of the room again, so that the room is repeated over and over again?  That's the Droste effect.  There are a couple of really cool examples in the header of the class thread as well as several links to projects that could be possible projects.
Also, both a spiral and helix are special kinds of Droste (the helix idea was confirmed in the class thread).

The following descriptions are copied from Angiejude's class description:
An image inside the same image (for example: triangles inside of triangles, circles inside of circles…) BE CREATIVE!!! If you manage to knit socks that have little socks inside, I would totally love that.  (Many blankets, like the Log Cabin style or a star shaped one have also been approved as they are shapes with the same shapes, especially with color changes.)
Spirals. (The Vortex hat has been approved as one example)

Spin a skein with at least 2 or 3 different colors. (Fosterson of Slytherin brought up the mathematical formula for fractal spinning, with an excellent link in post #33)

They will be awarded according to originality of the project. Surprise me and you’ll get bonus points.
Common sense, people, if you knit a sweater or a lace shawl, you’ll get more bonus points than if you knit a dishcloth. Although, I’ve seen dishcloths that look like works of art… so anything goes!
Babies and pets in the picture make me go “Aw” so you may want to include a couple of those for presentation.
I am trying to knit my first pair of socks this month, so nice socks will be appreciated.
Personal patterns will get you bonus points as well.

Scouring the thread will also lead you to several patterns that have been accepted or rejected.

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