Sunday, January 3, 2010

January Divination Ideas

This month in Divination it's all about palm reading.  The focus is on the shape of the hands and the proportions of the fingers to the palms instead of looking at the different lines found on your palm.

Earth palms - broad, square or rectangular shape, and palm length usually is equal to finger length.

Air palms - also square or rectangular with longer fingers than palms.

Water palms - often oval, width is usually greater than length and finger length is equal to palm length.

Fire palms - square or rectangular, finger length usually shorter than palm length.

This class is very open, with the only requirement being that you make an item that protects and covers the palms.  So any kind of glove or mitten (fingerless or not) will work.  There are plenty of choices, as the advanced search for Free Patterns in the Gloves/Mittens category yields 111 pages of patterns.  The first three are very popular patterns that are all fairly quick to knit- Fetching, Bella's Mittens, and Dashing.

Also, include which type of palm you are protecting with your project in your post even if the object is for someone else.  For instance, I am making Urban Necessity Gloves for my husband and he is a Fire Palm, so I would include that information.  But if I was making something for me, I would mention that I am an Earth Palm.

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