Friday, January 1, 2010

January Transfiguration Ideas

This month you can put away your needles and hooks for Transfiguration!  Instead, class is all about organizing your queue and to learn how to fully use this function.

Most of us have used our queue as a basic place to toss projects we would eventually like to make.  This is our chance to organize things by tags and sets to locate specific patterns faster.

Both of these features can be accessed from the organize tab on your queue page.  Specific screenshots have been posted in the class thread already.  To find them faster click on the link next to the picture icon at the top of the thread next to where the number of posts is displayed.

The directions per the professors request are as follows:
The elements of an organized queue are:
~Patterns (at least 20) tagged for easy searching
~Next several planned projects (min. 5) moved to top of the list with any necessary notes made
~Categories (no less than 3) created with at least 3 patterns in each (eg: hats, baby items, toys)

The last set is to include a link to your queue or favorites page in your post.

For those of you who do not use your queue, you can tag items in your favorites instead.  The only difference is that sets/categories cannot be created in your favorites.

Because we're not actually crafting anything for this class, bonus points are up in the air as the professor has not stated any specific way to earn them.

While several of us have already completed this homework assignment already today, I hope this helps those who weren't 100% how to complete the assignment.

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