Tuesday, January 5, 2010

January Potions Ideas

In Potions this month we are looking at  aconite, a poisonous plant used in many potions.  A folk name for it is "Dumbledore's Delight", which leads to two possible options for class projects this month.

Descriptions copied from class header:
Option 1 - Craft something dangerous. A stuffed chainsaw, a bottle of poison, a whip, a scarf with the Dark Mark, something piratical - there are many options. Be creative! Your professor loves a good story, so use this as a chance to explain why that skein of fun fur is a threat to your very existence, or how entrelac weakens the structure of the universe.
Option 2 - Craft something that would delight Dumbledore. A good story is key here - sell it, and sell it hard!
Knitting, spinning, crochet, and weaving projects accepted.

Bonus points for highly entertaining posts/projects, house colors, and a Secret Method which is in some way related to a book that does not take place in the Potterverse.

So far there has been a lot of speculation about this "Secret Method", but so far no luck in figuring it out.  The best guess so far is that it does not have anything to do with Twilight either, but no clue other than that.

More projects have popped up for Option 2 so far with many people cluing in to the two knitting related comments made by Dumbledore in the books - in Sorcerer's Stone with the Mirror of Erised where he mentions that he sees himself with a nice pair of thick woolen socks, and in Half Blood Prince where he says his most famous line to us - "I do love knitting patterns."

Projects could be made to fit into both categories, but as long as it fits into one or the other, you are good to go.

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