Monday, January 4, 2010

January DADA Ideas

It happens every year at the end of December and beginning of January - we make resolutions.  Here in the House Cup we're not interested in resolutions that will be difficult to keep, it's all about the attainable ones.

What will your attainable resolution be?  Work on Christmas gifts throughout the year so you don't have a mad dash in December again?  Be a more fabulous you?  Get ready for a bunch of babies due in 2010?  (Can't you tell which is mine?  I know of 2 others due before me!)

Pick any resolution that you can realistically keep this year and knit or crochet any item that is a part of the resolution or is a representation of it.

Some pattern ideas tossed out so far include (but are in no way limited to) ipod cozies, necklaces, headbands, finishing up WIPs (but check with Scarlettb to make certain it's enough work to qualify for a full project this month), eye masks.  The sky is the limit!

Ways to earn bonus points are possible for projects in House Colors, good stories, or making the professor laugh.

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