Monday, January 25, 2010

The Curious Case of Curieuse

Ok, so the title is cheesy...but I bet you laughed anyway!
So here we are again for another Gryffindor interview, this time we're with Curieuse, another first year. She's another person that if you don't know who she is you haven't been in the Common Room. Here's just a few funny quotes from this girl:
"If the world of Star Wars had sheep, they would look like this"
"::fist shake:: Darned hooligans!"
"Wow. Tell her the yarn is clothes-to-be."
"D’awww look at the biddy biddy lumpkinn~
It reminds me of watching the sheep when I was little."
Now on to our main attraction:

What crafts do you do?

Ahah, it’ probably easier to ask what crafts I don’t do. I knit, crochet, spin, sew, and dye a little in the fibrey/textile section of the craft world. In the “art” section of crafts I paint, sketch, and write. I also use a whole whack of other mediums which makes my room a craft supply stockpile.

Do you have any other talents?
Depends on what you consider a talent! I have a knack for imagery, analogies and other such literary devices and one of my talents include poetry. I also have a knack for languages, and I speak four (though only two fluently).

Any other major interests?
Everything. No, really. I love learning about anything. I’ll usually find something to go on a kick learning about. Recent kicks include deep sea fish, psychology, anthropology and sheep.

What’s you fave HP Character?
I do love Dumbledore very much as a character. I think I relate to his random knowledge of things, his odd little quirks and just in general how peculiar he is. Ron is a close second though.

What’s your fave potter moment from either the books or movies?
“Alas, earwax.”
Gets me every time.

What’s your fave potter item/spell?
Hmm…my favorite item would naturally be the wands. It’s quite fascinating how each wood and core has certain purposes and qualities and I wonder if that’s rooted in the folklore of the countries in which they are found.

My favorite spell though… it would have to be either mobiliarbus, because I am lazy, or avifors because that would be just plain amusing, wouldn’t it?

What’s your fave HPKCHC class?
I don’t think I’ve really done enough classes to say which one would be my favorite, but potions, arithmancy and divination look like they are pretty compatible with my tastes.

How long did you stalk the Cup before being Sorted?
I’m not sure, but I think it would be maybe two weeks or so. I didn’t lounge about in the NQFY common room though, that’s for sure!

Have you applied for an OWL, if so in what and how’s it going?
I’m currently attempting to do a Potions OWL, but I’m not sure if my current muggle exam schedule will allow for it.

What’s your fave thing about the Cup so far?
I like the classes the most, though I don’t have that much time to do them. It gives me incentive to do projects I maybe wouldn’t do without them. It also gives me the opportunity to give my creative writing skills some use.

What’s your fave project of yours?
I would have to say my Pimping Nutkins. Sparkly, cute socks! My first ever “real” pair (read: the first pair that properly fit a human)

What’s your fave yarn or fiber type?
I love all fibres and yarns…excluding mohair. I had a run in with Kidsilk Haze. I do have a lot of merino and bluefaced leicester in my stash though.

Anything special you’d like the people to know?
I’m foreign, and I sometimes have an accent if I’m really nervous. I’m not ticklish unless I want to be. I was born on February 20th, which makes me a Pisces. Oh and apparently most of my friends greet me by petting me on the head or patting me on the belly. I have no idea why.

Who do you recommend for the next interview?
Starknits! She’s always taking the common room by storm ;D

With any luck I'll get her traveling scarf done before I interview her...

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