Wednesday, February 3, 2010

StarKnits come on down!

Next in our Gryffindor interview series is StarKnits, our Prefect (and she'd like you to know she doesn't say it in a snotty percy like voice) and a fourth year. I must say, look at this girls project page. She's got such a variety of stuff on there, it's great. So let's get into it!

What’s you RL job? (and yes mom and ninja assassin count)
I get to stay at home with my daughters and a knitting and crochet instructor. and i just found out i can “claim” a whole bunch of stuff on my taxes b/c of it. like my interweave subscription and my needles and yarn!!! but seriously i love teaching it!

Do you have any OWLS? what for?
i have 3 OWLs. Transfiguration, Herbology and Muggle Studies. I’m attempting a HOM and Arithmancy OWL this term. i tried for a COMC last term but I didn’t finish in time! (darn it!)

What crafts do you do?
Besides Knitting and Crochet, I like to sew, beading, sometimes i’ll make cards but not often. i wish i could paint. i’m going to work on my drop spindle spinning this month so i’ll be adding that to my list. i don’t like scrapbooking and that’s all that people seem to want to do around here. (i’d rather poke myself in the eye) note from interviewer agree (10000000)

Do you have any other talents?
besides tripping over my own feet and walking into things and bruising easily nope.

Any other major interests?(tv shows, books, wrestling monkeys?)
i like to watch movies (all kinds) my fave tv shows right now are Heroes and Vampire Diaries and Smallville but i’m behind on seasons, oh and i’m catching up on Lost. I like playing Wii Fit, Super Mario Brothers, Animal Crossings and De Blob but i don’t get to do it very often besides the fit. I also like playing pokemon and viva pinata and proffessor layton’s diabolical box on my DS (but really i don’t get to play that much) I love reading but i love knitting and crochet more so i’m trying to acquire more audio books. I absolutely love to bake bread, artisan bread! and i love coffee i make a great cappuccino. so if you come over ask me for some! I love having people over.

What’s your fave HP Character?
I love ginny! and i also like harry! (is that dorky to say i like the main character?)

What’s your fave potter moment from either the books or movies?
i almost always giggle when Ron and the Weaslys send a letter to harry covered in stamps. i don’t know why but it cracks me up. I also really love in the OOTP when the DA is training and Ginny totally shows up her bothers.

What’s your fave potter item/spell?
I’d have to say scurgify. if only i could learn it. more knitting time less cleaning time. also i want to learn how to dissapperate and apperate b/c then i can visit my family that much quicker. (sorry if i’ve spelled this all wrong)

What’s your fave HPKCHC class?
I like them all. I have fun fitting my queue into a class. sooo much fun.

What’s your fave project of yours?
right now i’d have to say my felted knarl from last term. i’m going to try and write up the pattern, it’s so freakin cute! I made it for my cute nephew trubie.

What’s your fave yarn or fiber type?
seriously i like them all. it depends on the project.

Anything special you’d like the people to know?
um? i’m trying to take over the world? whoops i was supposed to keep that quiet. i’d like to open a yarn/coffee store someday with jessica (naturallyknitty)
sorry my life isn’t that interesting. i hope you’re not asleep.

Who do you recommend for the next interview
i’d like to hear from FantasyFlyte

Well then look out for that dancing envelope!

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