Monday, February 15, 2010

Hi FantasyFlyte

Well time to meet FantasyFlyte, she's a second year and if you've been in the Great Hall or Common Room lately than you can't miss her personal drama with SR. And I hope she knows if this works out and he ever meets any of us that's what his name tag will say, we did it to Spark's MH, we'll do it to SR!

What’s you RL job? (and yes mom and ninja assassin count)
I am a reporter at a small newsroom. I work for a couple of weekly reporters, and I love my job.

Do you have any OWLS? what for?
I’m currently working on a Seascape Stole for Charms, and I love it. It’s my first time doing “real” lace with laceweight yarn, so it’s definitely interesting, and it’s coming out so pretty! I haven’t had a lot of opportunity to work on it lately because of work and wrist issues, but I’m going to try super hard to get it done, because I didn’t finish my OWL last term.

What crafts do you do?
Let’s see, what crafts don’t I do? Right now I primarily knit and crochet. However, I’ve also had spurts of crazed interest in cross-stitching, sewing, jewelry beading, stamping, painting, drawing, and writing. And yes, writing is definitely a craft, lol.

Do you have any other talents?
Ummm, I think I’m a relatively good storyteller, but that’s kind of connected to the writing thing. I can make people laugh pretty easily…

Any other major interests?(tv shows, books, wrestling monkeys?)
I love reading and watching movies. Especially when they’re movies from books that actually turn out really well. Or romantic comedies like “He’s Just Not That Into You.”

What’s you fave HP Character?
Hermione is my absolute favorite character, I think because I identify with her so much. We both are major overachievers and over-analyze a lot, lol. I also love Sirius as a fairly close second.

What’s your fave potter moment from either the books or movies?
Hmmm, that’s a hard one. I think I have three: one is in the Sorcerer’s Stone when Hermione frets about having no wood for a fire and I think it’s Harry? yells “ARE YOU A WITCH OR AREN’T YOU?”
I also love the “NOT MY DAUGHTER YOU B—H!” scene, which is definitely a classic.
I also also love the book version of the scene where Ginny and Harry finally kiss, and Ron gives him the “if you must” shrug. I think it was done much better in the book than the movie.

What’s your fave potter item/spell?
I’m going to have to be cliche and say the wand. I just love the idea of using a wand for magic. I’m not actually that fond of adaptations of magic where the person doesn’t use a wand or a staff or something to channel the magic through, I feel like it’s less focused and less realistic. Not that’s magic itself is realistic, but you know what I mean lol.

What’s your fave HPKCHC class?
Well, based on the classes I’ve done so far, I’d have to say Potions. Potions is also one of my favorite book classes, I think it’s the whole making-something-totally-different-from-all-these-ingredients thing.

What’s your fave project of yours?
My favorite project of mine would have to be my Cabled Wristwarmers and my sister’s Birthday CanCans. They’re both the same pattern, and I love it. I’m actually heavily considering making myself another pair.

What’s your fave yarn or fiber type?
Oh definitely alpaca. By far. I am a horrible alpaca junkie. Most of what I’ve bought lately is alpaca. I just love how soft and pretty and soft and lovely and soft it is to use. Did I mention I like it’s softness?

Anything special you’d like the people to know?
I love talking to people, and am totally willing to accept and make new friends. I also use an inordinate amount of smilies in my posts and tend to ramble, so don’t be scared off if I have really long posts. :P

Who do you recommend for the next interview?
I think I’d like to hear from ZTAgirlknits. :)

Well that's all I got, ZTAgirl, keep an eye out for the dancing envelope! This interviewer's going back to bed now...

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